Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meeting Caleb & Doctor's Appointment.

Yesterday I woke up early and got ready to go meet Caleb. 

Threw up my frosted mini wheats while brushing my teeth.

Got to the meeting place a half hour early... and if you know me at all, that is not even remotely surprising.

I went inside about 10 minutes early, looked around for anyone who was official looking... I was meeting my Bethany worker there too... or any ladies with a 2 year old boy.

I waited... and waited... And played hanging with friends... which reminds me, I probably have words to solve right now... and waited...

Finally this woman walks in with this little boy in her arms.  I stood up and introduced myself. 

We sat down and visited.  I met little Caleb.  Fell in love immediately.

The visit went really well... except that the caseworker didn't show up for a good 40 minutes.  >:/ fail. 

When the worker finally got there, she asked what we had covered.  We covered schedule, habits, likes and dislikes, how far along in potty training, sizes, really everything I could think of. 

Then caseworker dropped the bomb... so how does Thursday work?  Can we meet in the same spot about the same time?  Okay? Good, alright well we will see you then.

Caleb left with his caregiver & caseworker and I sat and talked some more.

She said I would have some paperwork that I would need to fill out.

But Thursday I will officially be his caregiver. 

After that, I drove back home... but before I got there, I knew that I had some stuff to do and shopping that I could get done.  I facebook stalked my friend who was in town from Japan that I haven't seen in months (maybe longer I don't even remember!!) and we went shopping.  She had stuff she needed to do and get for her sister's wedding that is on Saturday and I had lots of Caleb shopping to do.

We went to Babies 'R' Us and I did some damage.  Fabulous.  Also went to Costco to get diapers and wipes.  I can't even describe what a crazy feeling it is to be pushing a cart around full of baby stuff... and DIAPERS.  CRAZY.

I wish that I had my cloth diaper stash already... because it bothers me how much disposables cost... but hey... I can work on that.  Plus he's potty training, right?  Hopefully that will only take a few months at most... so maybe I will only have needed to buy the one pack of diapers?  Who knows.  I know nothing about potty training... but I definitely wish I could be cloth diapering right now too.

I bought a bunch of clothes for little Caleb and I'm super excited to go shopping for some more.  I think I want to hit up Children's Place (or whatever it's called) and maybe Gymboree and maybe Old Navy or something.  I want to get some stuff. 

He needs shoes and a winter coat.  And stuff like that.  Mittens and stuff.

I probably should be getting toys and stuff too but that stuff is expensive so a little at a time will do it!

So after all the shopping and lunch with my friend, I had to go to my OB appointment.  My OB appointment was pretty anticlimactic mostly because I have my own Doppler... and can listen to the baby's heart beat any time I want.  Basically we just heard the heart beat, told my doctor that we are getting this 2 year old foster placement and he said whoa it's just raining babies all over you guys! haha.  Other than that... pretty non eventful... said I should be feeling movement daily pretty soon.  So that was about it on that.

Jack and I went to the chiropractor (who for some reason still insists that we name our unborn child Gus... um no lol)  and both of us got adjusted and then we drove home forgetting that we left Jack's truck at the doctor's office which made us double back and head to the doctor's office again.  We decided to stop at this amazing place to get dinner (Gregg's.. mmmmm)  I had chicken ceasar salad and Jack had pizza.  I barely ate any of my salad and Jack took it home and ate the rest later.  It was still super tasty though, I was just full. 

Jack and I got home and the power was out... which is surprising that it hasn't happened more times this year because it goes out a lot here... but there was still about an hour left of daylight so Jack went out and chopped leaves on the lawn mower and I went inside to put together the high chair for Caleb.  By the way, I love the high chair more in my kitchen at the table than I did in the store!!  Yayyy.

Then MIL called... we chatted about 2 year olds... then I was exhausted and I went to sleep.

Woke up this morning running to the bathroom again... so I suppose the morning sickness is back... but at least it happens before 8am... so hopefully all the throwing up will happen before Caleb wakes up and gets out of bed for the day! 

We still need a few more things for him, but I think we should be good for a little while.  I would like to get him his own blanket set and stuff to make his room a little more boy friendly and less institutional and plain. 


  1. that is so exciting!!! i have never been on your site so i don't know if it is your first foster baby but if it is I know how excited you must be!!! i remember meeting my first foster baby...i fell in love immediately.

    now, 7 foster kids later, i have one foster daughter still here and a baby girl on the way (along with my 9 year old bio son).

    so excited for you!!!

  2. and i just saw we almost have the same due date. funny :)

    my due date is march 21st but they are talking about doing a c-section on the 14th. i had to smile when i saw your due date was the 14th.

  3. MamaFoster :) That's awesome that you do that too :P This is my first placement AND my first pregnancy :))

    Congrats on your pregnancy :D


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