Sunday, October 16, 2011

This is a big week... Baby & Caleb

This is a pretty big week over all.

On Monday morning, I am meeting with Caleb and his caregiver and also my Bethany Caseworker.  I get to meet Caleb face to face and get to ask all sorts of questions to get to know him and get an idea of how to prepare for him better and how to make him living here much more successful.

I'm trying to write down a list of questions so that all I have to do is write in the answers and it will be organized for when I get home or when I need to reference it for his care.

Things on the list include:  clothing size, diaper size, what kind of bed is he sleeping in now (crib or bed), any information on potty training, what kind of clothing/toys/stuff is he coming with, what is his schedule like, what foods does he like/dislike, what things does he like/dislike, allergies, medical history, etc.

As far as Caleb goes, we are realizing more and more how much time this will take up with the first several weeks to months with him bonding with us.  Typical parents begin bonding with their children during pregnancy and right from birth... Caleb will meet me for the first time tomorrow, and I have to form a bond with him so that he knows that he can trust me and that he is safe with me.  We are figuring things out and changing plans as we need to, in order to be able to stay at home and make sure that critical bonding time happens. 

We also installed his car seat in my Durango today just in case he might be coming home with me tomorrow, so that way we will be all set up and ready for him.  I'm hoping that it will be Tuesday that he comes here or after because that will give me some time to shop and have some clothes ready and things like that for him when he comes instead of having to scramble and figure all of those things out after he gets here. 

I sure like the way it looks in my Durango with a child seat :)

After my meeting with Caleb, I will have some time to go shopping before my doctor's appointment which got bumped from last week to tomorrow.  I am excited though, because I will have my appointment with my Doctor instead of another doctor in the practice.  Jack is meeting me at the doctor's office for my appointment this time.

For this appointment, I will also be bringing a pad of paper because I have a list of questions that I'm curious to ask about labor and delivery since this hasn't be discussed yet.  I know this is early, but if I am unhappy with something or find something to be unacceptable (I have no idea what I would find unacceptable... but just in case) I would like to have some time to find another hospital or doctor that more closely fits my needs/wants during delivery. 

Mostly though, I'm just curious what my doctor's practices are and what the hospitals practices are.

Then this week will be filled with the whirl-wind of stuff with getting prepared for Caleb's transition to our house and getting everything set up and ready for it.  Things like if he's sleeping in a crib, then we need to lower the crib down since it is now set up for an infant and not a toddler.  Other things like if he's sleeping in a bed, we need to get a sheet and blanket set for him.  

We have lots of stuff going on around the house too as far as getting ready for winter goes.  Jack is still plowing through our wood pile... I'm REALLY hoping that we can hold off for a little while longer to not have to start burning, but if we get Caleb here it might be sooner rather than later that we start burning.  I think we started right about this time or a few weeks later last year... and last year we were COLD.... But we were waiting to buy and install the boiler and all that jazz and we were so happy and thrilled with the heat once we finally got it all in place :) 

Jack has spent the whole day working on stuff outside.  My mom came over this morning to help me clean out a couple things, she scrubbed the cupboards with me in the kitchen and helped me scrub my bathrooms out.  Jack moved the second twin sized bed out of the bedroom upstairs and into the storage room in the basement. 

For the most part, our house is basically clean!!

I still have a bit of stuff to organize like my sewing area... and I'm not sure when I'm going to go near that again... but I suppose I'll have to put stuff away and out of the reach of a two year old.  I'm also going to need to install the gates at the top and bottom of the stairs.  I'm kind of thinking that we might just put a gate on his bedroom ... but I'm not sure yet.  Depends. 

I'm really excited for everything we have going on.

I hope everything goes really smoothly and that Caleb has no problems transitioning.  So your prayers as we go through this first placement are truly coveted!!

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