Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Liebster Blog Award!

I was given this award by the my internet BFF and soul mate, Megan at This Space For Rent. According to Megan, Liebster means "dearest" in German. This one has been floating around the blogosphere this week, going to folks with less than 200 followers.  Thank you Megan... you warm my heart lady.

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Here are 5 bloggers I would like to pass the award on to:
(okay - First place would be Megan, but obviously I can't pass it back to her lol) 
2.  Leah, from Olive You
3.  Heather, from Every Day Evans
4.  Jackie, from Let's Sit Outside
5.  Missy, from Death by Chocolate Martini

Monday, November 28, 2011

What's in a name? Arie Jackson.

I am not sure if I have mentioned before, or even explained at all in detail where we got the name that we chose and have been holding onto dearly for the last 4 years since we got married and started trying to have a family.

We chose the name Arie Jackson.  Arie is Jack's paternal Grandfather's first name and Jackson is our tribute to Jack, as his father, but since Jack's Grandpa (Arie) goes by Jack, and Jack's Dad is Jack and Jack is a Jr... Things get a little bit confusing in the Irons family.  (Did I confuse you? I'm not surprised... Most of the time we still just say Jack to each other and then once in a while, it's clarified with a, 'my Jack?' ... and that's a story for another time... but, Grandma Phyllis has her Jack, mother-in-law has her Jack and I have mine.)

While we were dating, I had the pleasure to get to know Jack's Grandparents.  I still had all of my own Grandparents alive and well, and I enjoyed getting an extra set.  I remember the first time I met them, I was super nervous.  We went over for the Daytona 500 and it was right around my birthday, I was about to turn 20!  (My how time flies lol)  I carefully planned what I was going to wear... I wore a tan skirt and a sweater.  I was ridiculously overdressed for the occasion!  I quickly learned that Daytona 500 watching involved wearing your favorite driver's polyester coat and jeans. 

When Jack and I got married, we did not have an easy go.  Long story short, there was a lot of issues that we did not predict... although others in the family told us they saw the situation coming years previously back up the road, but I was not expecting it and Jack was expecting it to a degree... and it was way worse than either of us could have imagined.  We had a very limited support frame for our brand new marriage... and the two strongest pedestals in our marriage building us up and encouraging us to leave and cleave as the Bible tells us to, were Grandma and Grandpa Irons.

Jack had always loved his Grandparents, but this made them so much more special to both of us.  Getting married is not easy, being newly married and learning what that means is also not easy, and navigating the difficulties of relationships with families as things change and grow is really not easy... and they were just an unbelievable amount of support and love that really were the supports and glue that helped hold us together through the rocky first years as we learned to hold close to each other and let what may come our way not knock us down or pull us apart.

Since we started dating, both Jack and I knew that we wanted a family.  Preventing a family from getting started was really never in the cards for us, and we waited and waited... and I'm pretty sure any of you who read this blog at all probably know the rest of the story.  But shortly after we got married we began to really "try" for this family that we have been dreaming about and waiting for.  And in that dear time of blissful ignorance of our situation, we were able to dream like normal first time newlyweds who were trying to become first time parents... and we quickly decided what our first son's name would be.  We knew that we did NOT want a Jack Irons The 3rd... so Jackson is what we quickly came up with for a middle name... and fell madly in love with Arie being the first name.

Obviously, we waited a LONG time to share this with anyone.  Mostly, there are name snatchers out there everywhere... and this name was so precious to us, and ever more precious as the months and years crawled by that we didn't have a chance to even think of using this name.  And, the longer we had to wait, the more heartbreaking it was to not get to use the name.

As soon as we found out that I was pregnant, and came back down to Earth after those first few weeks (and months, who am I kidding) of disbelief, we wasted no time sharing the names that we had chosen for a boy.  We knew for sure that if this child was a boy, he already had a name.  I had a feeling from the beginning that this was going to be my little Arie Jackson all along... even though I was the only one who felt that way, I still knew in my heart that God had given us a son.

Once we announced what we were going to be naming our son, and how to pronounce it (R - E) we began to experience some backlash and arguments about how Arie was truly pronounced.  Phonetically, Arie is pronounced like it's spelled.  Mother-in-law and father-in-law were convinced that it was pronounced Airy or Aerie.  I have no idea why.  Eventually, father-in-law called his dad and asked him how to pronounce his name.  Grandpa tells him, "Arie is pronounced R-E."  Thus ending the argument from MIL and FIL, but regardless of how Grandpa pronounced it, we were still going to pronounce it R-E.  Anyway....

Then there was even more confusion in the family... Grandma calls Grandpa any number of things... From Arie to Ira to A.J. to Jack.  So what is his *real* name??  And why is there so much confusion about Mr. Jack Irons Sr. Sr. ? (ha inside family Joke I suppose)

This past week, we got the chance to see the eldest Mr. Irons and I got to ask The Man himself.
(You may remember this little gem.)

Jack and I went out in the garage with his cousin and Grandpa to check out Jack's 1962 Plymouth Savoy that he is putting up on eBay to sell, and while we were in the garage I asked Grandpa if he found the conversation odd that he had with his son (FIL) when he called to ask how his first name was pronounced.  He said no, it's not odd, for some reason no one knows how to pronounce it.

Then, dearest Grandpa launches into the story of how his name came to be... and why everyone calls him something different.

When Grandpa was born, his father's name was R.L. for Ralph Lafatte (or something like that) and Great Grandma told the person who was filling out the birth certificate that she wanted his name to be R.E.  (kinda like his dad's name, only different.)  Well the person heard her and wrote "Arie".  Being good down home country folk from Tennessee, she didn't see the need to correct it since it was just details.  Great Grandma brought Grandpa home and her father, Great Great Grandfather took one look at baby Arie and said, "Uh uh... no way. I am NOT calling that child Arie.  His name is JACK."  So, This is where he got Jack Irons from.  He grew up introducing himself as Jack and his family called him Jack.

Then comes time for Grandpa Jack to be enrolled into school.  Great Grandma takes him up to school and while she is telling the person filling out the paperwork his name, she tells her Arie... and the woman writes down, "Ira."  Being the good, down home country lady Great Grandma was, she didn't see the need to correct this lady at the risk of being rude and all... so Jack Irons became Ira Irons.

Ira went along through his school years, making friends and eventually growing up and getting his driver's license... which said Ira Irons on it, and started dating this pretty little thing named Phyllis... Grandma Phyllis.  Grandma knew Grandpa as Jack, as he was known to his friends, and Ira, his given name.

Now, like I said, Grandpa is a down home country boy... and them country boys sometimes don't see eye to eye with the law, and as it goes, Mr. hotrod got pulled over a time or two.  Well, one of these times when he was about 16 or 17 years old, this nice old Police officer didn't quite understand why Grandpa's driver's license read "Ira Irons" and his birth certificate read "Arie Irons."  Grandpa had no idea what to tell the man... and went home to ask his mom.  Great Grandma explained that his real name was Arie, and how it got messed up while he was in school.  So he had to go on through all the hoops and change his name on his driver's license to Arie Irons.

Then Grandma and Grandpa got married and started having kids... the first born being Jack Sr (FIL) and he grew up hearing his mom call his dad "Ira" because that's how she knew him.  Nevermind what his given name was, and sometimes he was called Jack, especially by his friends and other family members.  Arie was just a detail that really didn't matter.

So... that's the long convoluted story of how Grandpa is called so many different names :) However, when we name our son, we will purposefully be naming him Arie Jackson ... and I'm guessing he will be called Arie Jack a lot to fit in with this family of Jack Irons and under his legacy. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

24 Weeks Pregnant and Viability!! (And Bump Pic)

How far along:  24 weeks !! Viability day :))))
How big is baby: No idea, but bigger than last week haha.
Maternity clothes:  Yup. Definitely in maternity clothes now.
Sleep:  still sleeping poorly. 
Best moment of the week:  Today is viability day!!! (Meaning the baby would have a great chance of survival if born after today!)  Thanksgiving was super fun too. 
This is Jack's Grandpa and I... This man right here is who we are naming Arie after :P  I LOVE this guy... we also got to have a long conversation with him about how he got his name and why everyone in the family calls him something different haha.  It's a great story that I will have to write down for AJ's baby book :) 
Food cravings:  I wanted some ice cream last night... so on our way home, Jack and I stopped at Kroger and bought 4 different kinds of ice cream... LOL.
Food aversions:  Nothing really sounds tasty.
Symptoms:  Still throwing up, although I've had a couple days off this week from that.  
Movement:  LOTS of kicking.  I think Arie is having a party in there for Viability day, because he's been kicking like a mad man all morning!!!
What I’m looking forward to:  Getting my house back in order... My sister stayed the night on Thanksgiving since she's in town, and that helped me to get all of Caleb's stuff cleaned up and out of his old room.  I just need to move my sewing area back into that room and then I'll be golden :) I'm ready for my house to go back to normal instead of being a cluttered mess.
What I miss:  Riding my dirtbike lol
Next appt:  Right before Christmas... I have my glucose test.  Yayyy.  
 My belly this morning... @24 weeks.  Definitely growing and definitely getting more and more round.  As Jack would say, "It's really sticking out there!" I look much more pregnant standing up and look much more chubby sitting down lol. But this is definitely a baby bump :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Today was an awesome day.

Today was one of those days where you drive home at the end of it thinking, "I have GOT to write this down in my diary."  And since I no longer keep hand written diaries... this is as close as it gets.

This morning, I spent the morning like every other morning of late, and drank my hot tea slowly and concentrated on not having to use my barf bowl that I kept close by my side.  I caught up on Sister Wives (and by the way, besides the fact that I do not agree with having multiple spouses... how on earth is it that these 3 women lose a collective total of 16 lbs in 2 months of working out?? Didn't they go to the gym daily?  Did this trainer not explain to them that they also needed to change their diet?!)  Finally my alarm went off on my phone telling me to head up to my doctor's office.

This is another story... which I am going to go on a little tangent here and insert... I think I mentioned previously that I had gotten a letter in the mail both from the hospital where my doctors have rights and from my insurance company stating that my insurance would no longer be accepted at that hospital.  Which leaves me in a predicament, because, like I said, that was the only hospital where my doctors had rights.  Last week, my doctor and the billing lady from the doctors office informed me that she spoke with the insurance company and allegedly they have agreed to continue to cover the patients who are currently pregnant through their delivery. 

Jack and I have thought long and hard and made the decision to just switch doctors now instead of having or trying to deal with an insurance company that will be able to deny that claim for labor and delivery... since we don't want to deal with the stress of fighting a $25,000ish bill... It really seems like a win-win to just switch to a doctor and a hospital where we know that we are covered.

So anyway, I went up to my doctor's office really really not wanting to do this and really not wanting to deal with answering MORE questions and defending my decision on why I am choosing to switch OB's and practices... and I asked for the release form.  I quickly filled it out their form and signed it and gave it back to her.  I asked her when she might be able to fax my information and she told me probably by the end of the day... I thanked her and said that will be great.  And quickly ran out of there.  I was so relieved to not have to answer any questions or talk to anyone... and then a few hours later, I received a phone call from the doctor's office, but they didn't leave a message.   I'm assuming they were going to want to discuss it, but I didn't want to so I didn't answer.  :D lol


Back to the great parts of the day.  My mom called me while I was working on finishing up my Moby Wrap copy that I made my BFF Ashley and asked me to meet her up at my church so that I could fill out the paperwork for my baby shower and that my mom could pay for the room.  When we pulled into the parking lot, I got super teary eyed.  It is still so shocking and moving to me that I am pregnant.  And yet, there I was.. at my church... getting ready to start planning MY baby shower... for MY baby!! It was just unbelievable really.   The receptionist is always such a sweetheart and was super excited to hear about my pregnancy and help us to plan the shower. 

After that awesome visit at the church with my mom, I headed over to the doctor and took care of business... and then I went to my BFF's to visit with her and her 2 1/2 week old newborn son. She was pumping when I got there so I decided that today was as good of a time as any to make a phone call that I have been putting off for months. 

I called the RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) that told Jack and I that "It would literally be a miracle" (Click here for May 3rd 2011 Blog entry about that appointment) for us to conceive on our own.  I left a message to put a note in my chart that "miracles happen" and that I was 24 weeks pregnant.  The nurse was shocked and couldn't really speak when I explained who I was and when I last saw the doctor and our last conversation.  I said, so ... I guess I'm one of those miracle cases :)  That was definitely the best experience and the most amazing way to end my journey with the RE.

Once I finished my lovely phone call, I went inside and visited with my best friend and her baby.  I cuddled her little boy and got to watch her love on him and feed him and I got to hold him and cuddle with him :)

I finished the day by meeting Jack at the grocery store and we grocery shopped on his way home from work.  Then I cooked dinner and decided to try one of the recipes that I found from this 96 year old woman who is on YouTube and makes depression era recipes... so tonight I tried Peppers and Eggs. 

I definitely did not cook with cooking oil like she did... and I used whole wheat bread instead of making my own bread ... only because time did not permit me to make my own bread before dinner, otherwise I would have.

The verdict?? Peppers and Eggs tasted much better than both Jack and I could have predicted!!
And I also didn't use even half the amount of salt that she used haha. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Caleb is no longer with us.

I wanted to write a quick note to let all of my readers know that our foster son, Caleb, is no longer with us. He has moved to another foster home that has the potential to adopt him if the situation pans out that way. 

This is a long story, and I'm not sure if it's one that I'm going to share on here.

The bottom line is, we both felt that Caleb was not meant for our family and was not meant to be with us long term and that there was another family out there that was waiting for him as their forever son.  For now, they will still be visiting with birth parents, but it truly appears as though that will be coming to an end in the next several months as the birth parents are not complying with their treatment plans whatsoever. 

The family he went to is a wonderful couple who I liken to Jack and I before I got pregnant.  Just so much love to give and just desperately wanting to be parents.  There are no other kids in their home and they have 1 dog.  We will definitely continue to pray for Caleb, but we know that God has plans for that child and we know he is in the right place for him now.

Saying goodbye was definitely the hardest part of this process.

And in case anyone is wondering... we will never be working with Bethany Christian Services again, our experience was entirely negative with everything that had to do with that agency.  THAT is the post that may never happen, or may be for another time.  I'm really not sure if I feel like talking about it, but as it stands, I would NOT recommend Bethany Christian Services of Madison Heights, Michigan to a friend.

23 Weeks Pregnant and Belly Pictures

How far along:  23 Weeks!! I'm in my 6th month... this is just nuts.
How big is baby:  Over 12" long and a bit over 1lb in weight :) It's really hard to guess this because at this point, babies start to vary quite a bit in size and without an ultrasound, it's hard to know exactly.
Maternity clothes:  Yup... I still wish they made maternity hoodies... Although I did buy a zip up hoodie yesterday at a maternity outlet store.  I spent $165 on 5 long sleeve shirts, 1 tshirt, 1 super cute sweater, (which I will put the picture in at the bottom of this post), 1 zip up hoodie and a pair of matching sweatpants.
Sleep:  Still crummy sleep... I wake up every couple hours to go to the bathroom.  Last night I almost fell asleep on the toilet.
Best moment of the week:  Feeling those kicks all day long.... and our 4th anniversary.
Food cravings:  We went to Frankenmuth, MI yesterday ( where we went on our "honeymoon") and I asked if they had peppermint icecream in yet and they said they don't get that until December... but somehow, four years ago, I got it on our "honeymoon" ... so that was really the only food that I was hoping I could eat.  On the way home we bought some Edy's Peppermint Ice Cream but it just wasn't the same and wasn't nearly as good as whatever we had 4 years ago.
Food aversions:  Not really... nothing really sounds super amazing or tasty
Symptoms:  Throwing up, Round Ligament Pains, Back pains
Movement:  Lots and lots of kicks and rolls. 
What I’m looking forward to:  I guess meeting my new set of Doctors and in the same token, NOT looking forward to going in to my doctors office to get my records sent over to the new place. 
What I miss:  Being able to brush my teeth without throwing up ;) And spending a morning without hugging the toilet.
Next appt:  This week.  Doctor's appointment from last week went fine, measured great, my blood pressure is great, baby's heartbeat is great... everything's great.  

These are my 23 week belly pictures... taken in the dressing room at Motherhood Maternity while trying on my new sweater.  It's sparkly and I can't wait to wear it for Thanksgiving.  My stomach definitely looks different depending on how much I have eaten that day. I think this belly was after a donut and a (decaf) coffee.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

22 Weeks Pregnant

How far along:  22 Weeks already!
How big is baby:  Over 12" long and a bit over 1lb in weight :)
Maternity clothes:  Yup... I still wish they made maternity hoodies.
Sleep:  Sleep is still pretty crummy.... maybe I'll buy one of those pregnancy body pillows... but I'm not sure where Jack would sleep.
Best moment of the week:  ... This feels like the best thing/worst thing game that my mom and dad used to play with us when we were little at the dinner table... you had to have a best thing but didn't have to have a worst thing.  This week it seems like all I can come up with is a worst thing... The hospital I was supposed to deliver at decided to no longer accept my insurance as of Jan 12th... and that's about 2 months before I'm due... so No GOOD.  But -- I get to pick a better hospital, which is great... but I'm bummmmmmed to the max about switching doctors because I adore my doctor and it took me years to find a keeper.
Food cravings:  Nothing.
Food aversions:  Orange Juice doesn't taste bad or sound bad but I can almost guarantee that I'm going to throw up after I drink it for some reason.
Symptoms:  Throwing up and I desperately need to see a chiropractor.  Also Round Ligament Pains :P
Movement:  little kicks here and there :)
What I’m looking forward to:  In 5 days is our 4th Wedding Anniversary <3 I love my husband and I'm RIDICULOUSLY excited to give him his present... I've been planning it for 11 months lol.
What I miss:  Being able to brush my teeth without throwing up ;)
Next appt:  Next week... but then I am switching OB's since my insurance is dropping my OB and I want to get to know the new OB before January.... So I might have 2 appointments this month.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's a boy... by the way :)

I think I forgot to make an announcement on here.

We are having a boy!!!!!!

His name will be Arie Jackson.  (A.J.) 

(Arie is pronounced R-E.)

Little Blurb... foster parenting

I only have about 15 minutes until I need to pack Caleb up into the truck to head to pick up my mom and then head to the agency for his meeting with his parents.  I have started to take my mom with me to the meetings because I don't like that I have to take Caleb out to the parking lot and then buckle him into his car seat all out in the open while I am by myself while his parents are around.  I don't know them from Adam, I have no idea what they might or might not do, I just never felt safe with that.  I guess I assumed that one of the Bethany workers would accompany Caleb and I out to our car and see to our safety while we were there... not the case. 

** Stay tuned for a Bethany Christian Services rant in the near future.... to say that I am pleased with working with them so far in the last 3 weeks is a gross exaggeration. **

Foster Parenting is MUCH harder than I could have ever anticipated.  The amount that it takes away from normal life and the amount that it is different from normal parenting (parenting a child that is yours to keep) is astounding.  It's different than babysitting, because this kid is here, in your house, 24/7.  The challenges that come along with parenting someone else's child are not even able to be numbered... and we are learning that very quickly.

The challenges that come along with taking a child into your home and not being able to bond for permanency are numerous too.  Jack and I are taking it day by day, and trying to squeeze in time to remember that I am pregnant with our son... I am trying to steal a few minutes to myself every day to enjoy the little baby kicks that are coming in right below my belly button.  We try to take a few minutes before we fall asleep to just be husband and wife, if only for a few minutes each day.

People will naturally say, well that's what happens when you have kids... but I whole heartedly disagree.  When you have children, whether you birth them or adopt them, you know that they are a permanent fixture in your home.  You have the ability to think about and plan for the future.  With a foster placement, there is no future that you can see, you have no idea how long they might be with you... so planning for things like, how will our foster son adjust to us having a baby?  Are things that we don't know if we do or don't need to worry about. 

I've started to stress about how I am going to breastfeed our baby... Mostly because I have no idea how I'm going to run around after Caleb and care for a newborn at the same time.  I am also stressing about the amount of screaming that happens around this house... there are lots and lots and lots of hissy fits that come from Mr. Caleb.  I'm worried about how that will effect what little sleep Jack and I will be getting with a newborn and if it will affect how much sleep our newborn gets.

And again, before you say that two year old hissy fits are normal, I am just going to laugh at people who believe that a child who was raised in a stable, normal environment his whole life is exactly the same as one who has not.  That is the most ridiculous statement ever.  Yes, Caleb is a two year old... but he is far different from other two year olds.  He has no permanency in his life yet, he doesn't know just like we don't know if our home is the place where he's going to grow up.... He doesn't know anything for sure... and that is a LOT to put on two year old's shoulders. 

Anyway, I'm just going to cut this short... Long story short... it is VERY difficult to have a foster child.  He's a fun kid when he wants to be and 99% of the time, he's a lot of exhausting work.

One more little statement... again... before I get one silly comment from a parent of a two year old or a parent who has had a two year old... "Two year olds are all rotten, thats why they call them terrible two's."  Yup... for YOUR two year old... every bad habit that they have... they learned from YOU.  Every single thing that we have to discipline Caleb for, We have NO clue where he learned it because we were not responsible for him up until less than 3 weeks ago.  If your child hits, it's likely because he saw you hit... if Caleb hits, we had nothing to do with that.  So, again, don't tell me it's the same.  Because it's not the same.

I'm also dealing with the stigmas that come along with Foster Parenting.  The media along with many people that I know think that Foster Care is the worst thing that could happen to a child.  Oookay, as if the foster parents are the monsters in this situation.  What happened to get the child placed into foster care was the worst thing that could happen to a child.   Just saying.  There are so many horror stories about foster homes... but what I don't get is why aren't there horror stories about how the child came into a foster home?? Children do NOT get taken from their homes without warrant.  I just don't like the idea of the concept of Foster Care being the bad thing in society... Foster parents open their homes to children who have no place else to go.  They feed them, bathe them, care for them 24/7 and lose sleep over these kids... They drive them all around town to their doctors appointments, meetings with social workers, meetings with parents and family members... It's unending the amount of work that goes into being a foster parent... so before you judge one... Take a walk in their shoes for 24 hours. 

And I'm not trying to talk myself up here... I'm just saying this is the kind of stuff that I have been dealing with for the last 3 weeks.

It's about time for me to take off and pack Mr. Caleb into his car seat and drive an hour away for a 2 hour meeting. 

I hate to give foster parenting a bad rap, or try to discourage someone from doing it... but I feel like we were absolutely lead to believe something that wasn't true.  The amount of information we have and the amount of turmoil that our life goes through with a foster placement was never accurately described in a few short hours of classes.  (Maybe 15 hours? I don't even remember how many hours of classes that we had to take.)

As far as the whole aspect of why we were foster parenting in the first place.... yup, we still feel like we are called by the Lord to care for orphans and widows.  We still feel called into service and called into action.  And service is WORK... and WORK is not supposed to be easy and we know that.  And every thing that we deal with and stress and worry about on Earth is building up our blessings in Heaven... and we know that too... all of these hard days (and nights) for weeks... we do as a service to the God who created us.  It is not Caleb's fault the situation he's in, or for his behavior that he exhibits, or for the things that we have to do for him as required by the State of Michigan.  Caleb is still one of God's children that He loves dearly and because of that, WE love Caleb dearly... and we remember while he is screaming for the 8th time in the middle of the night that he doesn't want to go to bed, that God loves this little boy... and this is not for nothing what we are doing.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

21 Weeks Pregnant

How far along:  21 WEEKS... this is the fastest pregnancy ever I swear.
How big is baby:  About 10 1/2 " long and about 12.5 oz!
Maternity clothes:  Definitely wearing maternity clothes.  My size Medium shirts that I bought in the beginning of the pregnancy no longer fit because they have gotten too short and don't cover my belly... I think I'm going to retire them until after birth and my belly size is going back down.
Sleep:  Sleep is still pretty crummy.
Best moment of the week:  Definitely feeling A.J. kick all over the place!  And meeting my best friend's baby... I held her baby and whispered that I had it's best friend cooking and that he would be here in just a few months!
Food cravings:  Nothing really.  I asked Jack to make me some peppermint hot tea this morning and I had two cups of that... I'm not sure if that counts as a craving.
Food aversions:  I projectile vomited my sushi (cooked sushi) that I ate yesterday... Yeah that was fun.  That's the first time that I've had such an immediate and violent reaction to food that I just ate. 
Symptoms:  Still nauseous and throwing up.  Sore back.  Thank the good Lord that I am not having the horrible leg cramps that everyone talks about :)
Movement:  Lots of little bumps and kicks at night... and whenever I slow down or sit down now!
What I’m looking forward to:  Ashley's baby coming home and me learning every little tip and trick that she has for a newborn baby and breastfeeding :D I feel bad for her because I've already asked her about 3000 questions... and I plan to keep them coming haha.
What I miss:  No back pain... but I can deal.
Next appt:  Middle of November some time.