Saturday, November 12, 2011

22 Weeks Pregnant

How far along:  22 Weeks already!
How big is baby:  Over 12" long and a bit over 1lb in weight :)
Maternity clothes:  Yup... I still wish they made maternity hoodies.
Sleep:  Sleep is still pretty crummy.... maybe I'll buy one of those pregnancy body pillows... but I'm not sure where Jack would sleep.
Best moment of the week:  ... This feels like the best thing/worst thing game that my mom and dad used to play with us when we were little at the dinner table... you had to have a best thing but didn't have to have a worst thing.  This week it seems like all I can come up with is a worst thing... The hospital I was supposed to deliver at decided to no longer accept my insurance as of Jan 12th... and that's about 2 months before I'm due... so No GOOD.  But -- I get to pick a better hospital, which is great... but I'm bummmmmmed to the max about switching doctors because I adore my doctor and it took me years to find a keeper.
Food cravings:  Nothing.
Food aversions:  Orange Juice doesn't taste bad or sound bad but I can almost guarantee that I'm going to throw up after I drink it for some reason.
Symptoms:  Throwing up and I desperately need to see a chiropractor.  Also Round Ligament Pains :P
Movement:  little kicks here and there :)
What I’m looking forward to:  In 5 days is our 4th Wedding Anniversary <3 I love my husband and I'm RIDICULOUSLY excited to give him his present... I've been planning it for 11 months lol.
What I miss:  Being able to brush my teeth without throwing up ;)
Next appt:  Next week... but then I am switching OB's since my insurance is dropping my OB and I want to get to know the new OB before January.... So I might have 2 appointments this month.

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