Sunday, November 20, 2011

Caleb is no longer with us.

I wanted to write a quick note to let all of my readers know that our foster son, Caleb, is no longer with us. He has moved to another foster home that has the potential to adopt him if the situation pans out that way. 

This is a long story, and I'm not sure if it's one that I'm going to share on here.

The bottom line is, we both felt that Caleb was not meant for our family and was not meant to be with us long term and that there was another family out there that was waiting for him as their forever son.  For now, they will still be visiting with birth parents, but it truly appears as though that will be coming to an end in the next several months as the birth parents are not complying with their treatment plans whatsoever. 

The family he went to is a wonderful couple who I liken to Jack and I before I got pregnant.  Just so much love to give and just desperately wanting to be parents.  There are no other kids in their home and they have 1 dog.  We will definitely continue to pray for Caleb, but we know that God has plans for that child and we know he is in the right place for him now.

Saying goodbye was definitely the hardest part of this process.

And in case anyone is wondering... we will never be working with Bethany Christian Services again, our experience was entirely negative with everything that had to do with that agency.  THAT is the post that may never happen, or may be for another time.  I'm really not sure if I feel like talking about it, but as it stands, I would NOT recommend Bethany Christian Services of Madison Heights, Michigan to a friend.


  1. I don't know the right thing to say, but I do know that you are making the best decision for Caleb and your family.

  2. i am glad they you were able to love on him while he was with you and seeing him go to a home with no children that were SO excited to get him is as successful as it gets in foster care. I am glad you have mentioned how negative your experience was with them. We keep kicking around the idea on switching agencies and at least I can cross that one off the list.

    You have so much to be excited about, you did what you could, moving on will be exciting too :)


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