Monday, November 21, 2011

Today was an awesome day.

Today was one of those days where you drive home at the end of it thinking, "I have GOT to write this down in my diary."  And since I no longer keep hand written diaries... this is as close as it gets.

This morning, I spent the morning like every other morning of late, and drank my hot tea slowly and concentrated on not having to use my barf bowl that I kept close by my side.  I caught up on Sister Wives (and by the way, besides the fact that I do not agree with having multiple spouses... how on earth is it that these 3 women lose a collective total of 16 lbs in 2 months of working out?? Didn't they go to the gym daily?  Did this trainer not explain to them that they also needed to change their diet?!)  Finally my alarm went off on my phone telling me to head up to my doctor's office.

This is another story... which I am going to go on a little tangent here and insert... I think I mentioned previously that I had gotten a letter in the mail both from the hospital where my doctors have rights and from my insurance company stating that my insurance would no longer be accepted at that hospital.  Which leaves me in a predicament, because, like I said, that was the only hospital where my doctors had rights.  Last week, my doctor and the billing lady from the doctors office informed me that she spoke with the insurance company and allegedly they have agreed to continue to cover the patients who are currently pregnant through their delivery. 

Jack and I have thought long and hard and made the decision to just switch doctors now instead of having or trying to deal with an insurance company that will be able to deny that claim for labor and delivery... since we don't want to deal with the stress of fighting a $25,000ish bill... It really seems like a win-win to just switch to a doctor and a hospital where we know that we are covered.

So anyway, I went up to my doctor's office really really not wanting to do this and really not wanting to deal with answering MORE questions and defending my decision on why I am choosing to switch OB's and practices... and I asked for the release form.  I quickly filled it out their form and signed it and gave it back to her.  I asked her when she might be able to fax my information and she told me probably by the end of the day... I thanked her and said that will be great.  And quickly ran out of there.  I was so relieved to not have to answer any questions or talk to anyone... and then a few hours later, I received a phone call from the doctor's office, but they didn't leave a message.   I'm assuming they were going to want to discuss it, but I didn't want to so I didn't answer.  :D lol


Back to the great parts of the day.  My mom called me while I was working on finishing up my Moby Wrap copy that I made my BFF Ashley and asked me to meet her up at my church so that I could fill out the paperwork for my baby shower and that my mom could pay for the room.  When we pulled into the parking lot, I got super teary eyed.  It is still so shocking and moving to me that I am pregnant.  And yet, there I was.. at my church... getting ready to start planning MY baby shower... for MY baby!! It was just unbelievable really.   The receptionist is always such a sweetheart and was super excited to hear about my pregnancy and help us to plan the shower. 

After that awesome visit at the church with my mom, I headed over to the doctor and took care of business... and then I went to my BFF's to visit with her and her 2 1/2 week old newborn son. She was pumping when I got there so I decided that today was as good of a time as any to make a phone call that I have been putting off for months. 

I called the RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) that told Jack and I that "It would literally be a miracle" (Click here for May 3rd 2011 Blog entry about that appointment) for us to conceive on our own.  I left a message to put a note in my chart that "miracles happen" and that I was 24 weeks pregnant.  The nurse was shocked and couldn't really speak when I explained who I was and when I last saw the doctor and our last conversation.  I said, so ... I guess I'm one of those miracle cases :)  That was definitely the best experience and the most amazing way to end my journey with the RE.

Once I finished my lovely phone call, I went inside and visited with my best friend and her baby.  I cuddled her little boy and got to watch her love on him and feed him and I got to hold him and cuddle with him :)

I finished the day by meeting Jack at the grocery store and we grocery shopped on his way home from work.  Then I cooked dinner and decided to try one of the recipes that I found from this 96 year old woman who is on YouTube and makes depression era recipes... so tonight I tried Peppers and Eggs. 

I definitely did not cook with cooking oil like she did... and I used whole wheat bread instead of making my own bread ... only because time did not permit me to make my own bread before dinner, otherwise I would have.

The verdict?? Peppers and Eggs tasted much better than both Jack and I could have predicted!!
And I also didn't use even half the amount of salt that she used haha. 

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  1. Take THAT RE! ;)
    What hospital/doctor did you end up going with?


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