Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I haven't had much to do lately... and all I have wanted to do was go shopping and get every single thing ready and prepared for AJ when he comes.  Jack has to keep reminding me to stop shopping so that there is at least *something* left on the registry for our showers.  As it is right now, since we prepared so much for babies when we got licensed to be Foster Parents... there really isn't very much on our registry.  We have already purchased a lot of the "big" items and our nursery is completely done. 

I went through clothes that I have been saving (that you saw in my last post) the other day and did an inventory of sizes. 

I am also scouring pinterest (If you don't know what Pinterest is by now, first of all... come on out from under that rock, I know it's scary out here... but present day isn't that bad... and second, check it out.) for organizing solutions and ideas for a baby/kid's closet.  I haven't decided yet if I want to hang or fold his clothes.  Jack says who am I kidding and the clothes won't ever come out of the laundry basket... but whatever.  When Caleb was here, his clothes were washed and folded and put away... in drawers.  So actually, I think I really liked that system.

As far as the big things we are waiting and hoping to get if not at the shower, right after because I am too impatient to wait...
This pack'n'play will go in our room, next to my side of the bed so AJ can be close by for nighttime nursing.  I'm super excited to rearrange our bedroom (and get those dang dog cages out of there again) so that we can fit AJ in better and have everything look good too.  

This swing I am in love with.  I love the pattern... and honestly, the only thing that could make it better is if it were elephants on the mobile instead of turtles ;) Maybe that's something I could sew!  Plus this swing is a plug in swing... so no batteries!! And, the swing is also a bouncer seat combo... so it's a 2-in-1 kinda deal :)
Most of the other things on our registries are odds and ends and then we have an entire registry dedicated to cloth diapering.  I am very very excited to cloth diaper.  I've been slowly purchasing cloth diaper odds and ends here and there as I go along, so hopefully we will have a full stash after our shower!

I bought this adorable set of onesies in just about every size there was... along with some matching pants.  My friend Lindsey sent me this adorable blanket right when we found out I was pregnant that matches the outlined zoo animals one and then after I found out it was a boy, I went back and bought as many pieces and different outfits from the set as I could find.  I LOVE this set.

 I found this gem on Pinterest... I am in love with this onesie... and I will have to have one somehow for my little mister.

Well that's all my baby thoughts for now...
I guess I should find something else to do.... maybe I'll go dust something lol.

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  1. We have that swing and early on, it saved us from going insane from lack of sleep. We now use the bouncer in the morning while we get ready.


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