Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 months until my due date.

Today is January 17, 2012 and my estimated due date is March 17, 2012. 

This pregnancy has really flown by.

So far we have finished the nursery almost completely.  We still need to move the dresser out of there since we went with a whole closet organizer system instead of a dresser and decided to hang his clothes instead of fold and I'm very happy about that.  It looks MUCH more organized and it is much more organized that way. 

We are going to get a changing table to go in his room and fabric/canvas type bins or maybe cute baskets to store his cloth diapers and necessities in. 

Today, I took my mom to get a colonoscopy. 
Oh yes, it's also my little brother's 24th birthday.  It was kinda funny that when my mom was checking in for her procedure that they were asking about her address and they had the address on file from about 6 years ago where we lived when I was growing up... and where she lived when she gave birth in that hospital 24 years ago today!

After I got home, I was exhausted from all the hospital walking and uncomfortable chair sitting and fell asleep for about an hour.  Then I was planning to get up and organize my sewing area... but I wanted to sew... and I had no sewing ideas... so I just turned the light off and walked away.  Dang my non-sewing motivation.  I really miss all the fun I used to have when I would sew new stuff all the time.

Jack's birthday is on Thursday and I'm scouring pinterest for ideas for cooking and a cake or something.  I have no idea what he wants.  I also ordered him a little surprise to give to him on his birthday... supposedly it should get here with tomorrow's mail, so that would be nice.  (I know, way to wait until the last minute.)

Tonight we are having Chinese food for dinner... Jack should be back any minute from picking that up.  I was too exhausted to cook and Jack spent the evening outside in the garage changing oil on vehicles and fixing up random stuff. 

Tomorrow and Thursday while Jack is at work, I plan to get the house completely cleaned and I definitely want to get my sewing area organized again and all my fabric that is all over the place put away.  I also would like to find a place or way to organize all of the random blankets and stuff that I have all over my house.  I also have that little twin bed set of dinosaurs with sheets, a bedskirt and a comforter that I don't know what to do with... I don't really think I'm going to hold on to it for 2 1/2 years until Arie is big enough to go into a twin bed, so... Anyone want it? lol

I'm also gathering the last of my supplies for labor and delivery and cloth diapering.  After my showers, I still have quite a bit of cloth diapering things to get.  Surprisingly, our choice to cloth diaper has been met with quite a bit of criticism and angst... and a very small amount of support.  My sister bought some cloth diapers to make decorations for my shower, my sister in law bought us the cloth diaper sprayer and my mom bought us 3 dozen toddler sized prefolds and 2 covers.  Other than that, we have had no one else purchase anything for that.  I mean, it's their prerogative, but Jack and I were definitely surprised at how many people felt so negatively about this choice. 

Not that we really care what other people think... or what their opinions of our diaper choice are... I mean seriously, could there be any less consequential and piddly thing for people to have an opinion on our parenting choice?  Probably not.  Whatever.  The people who do have a problem with our choice and who aren't just like meh, I tried that it wasn't for me kind of people, need to get a life. 

Jack and I are thoroughly excited to cloth diaper.  We are excited that we own the diapers.  We are excited that we won't run out of diapers in the middle of the night.  We are excited that since we have been planning this for a long time, I was able to get great deals on the diapers that we have bought.  If we never conceive again, my stash will hold a lot of its value and we will be able to recoup maybe 1/3 of the cost... so not only will we be saving $1000-2,000 over the course of diapering from birth to potty training... we will also get a couple $100 bonus at the end of it all.  I don't need to sell our choice to anyone else... because the amount of laundry and what happens during diaper changes at our house really has NOTHING to do with anyone else. 

We have a hospital tour at the end of the month which will be exciting... I still have my natural childbirth discussion blog coming... I have been super tired, so not really felt like posting and writing it, so be on the lookout for that. 

Now that both of my showers are overwith, the countdown really begins!!

Jack and I have a lot of things that are happening between now and March 17th too... His birthday is on Thursday... Our official 6th anniversary of dating is on Friday even though we were unofficially dating for a couple months before then... but whatever, this is the date we celebrate :) and then a couple weeks after that is my birthday on the 6th of February... and then Valentine's Day... and then my mom's birthday is February 22nd and then after that it's just waiting for Arie to pick his birthday. 

I guess that's all I've got.  I'll post some shower pictures and nursery photos next time :) 

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  1. Maybe it's not that people don't support your cloth diapering, so much as we don't have experience with it and don't know what to buy you :) Props to you for doing it, I'm way too lazy. I also have no idea what to buy for cloth diapering, or if there are different kinds or if you have preferences... I'd hate to disappoint with the wrong thing ;)


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