Monday, January 23, 2012

Least Favorite Pregnancy Symptom... Nightmares!

I am getting pretty sick of the vivid nightmares that I have been having.

I have been known to wake up in the middle of the night yelling out.  One time, I woke Jack up yelling "MOM!! MOM!!"  Yeah... that was a miserable and horrible dream where my older brother pushed a huge tree (yes, a tree) over and it landed on my mom.  And I was right next to her.  It was a nightmare.

Last night I had a dream that I was standing in my bedroom and looking out the window and over the treetops (which I can't really see anything in the horizon over my trees in front of my house because we pretty much live in the woods so there is no horizon to be seen.)  As I was watching, out of the fog appeared this huge 747 that was way too low and coming down.  Naturally, I watch it crash on the horizon, well I can't see it hit the ground because of the trees, but I can tell that's what is happening.  Followed by a big cloud of fire and smoke.  So I yell to my mom... Because for some reason my mom is in all of my nightmares.  Mom  comes up to see and we see more explosions shooting up on the horizon.  This is very scary and makes me sick to my stomach (as it would any human.)  My mom goes to check something else and suddenly, I notice on the horizon that there are now fireworks going up.  And they are the super interesting and intricate Japanese looking ones.  (Are there Japanese looking fireworks?  I have no idea, that's just what I thought of in my dream... I blame my friend Krista... I was looking at her Vietnam trip pictures before I went to sleep... and she lives in Japan right now.)

I call to my mom again for her to come see the fireworks and as I'm looking out my window, suddenly, I notice people walking up into my yard and I start yelling at them to get out of my yard.  It's a man and 6 kids.  Oh, wait, I'm sorry, I say to him.  Are you headed to watch the fireworks in the firework spot?  Yes, he says and continues walking to the back part of my yard by the fire pit.  (Just so you know, there is no "fireworks spot" in my yard... also, back by the fire pit, there would be absolutely no view of said fireworks that were in the front of the house on the horizon... because, like I said, we live in the woods.  We have lots of trees all over our yard and there is no un-obstructed view of the sky on the horizon in any direction.)  Then suddenly my mom and I realize the house is shaking.  And I'm running all over the house casting out evil in the name of Jesus.  Yes, I seriously ran all around my house banishing evil screaming out "IN THE NAME OF JESUS."  (Which, incidentally, I fully believe is what I would do in real life... I do believe in the power of His name.)  Then I had to call my big dog inside (English Mastiff) and when she came to the back door, she was a golden retriever.  I don't even have a golden!

Can I please stop having crazy dreams now??

In other random news, Jack and I finished the nursery last week.  Last weekend, we went to Home Depot and bought a closet organizer and Jack installed it.  It looks amazing and the closet is everything that I imagined and hoped it would be.  I'll snap some better pictures of it in the daylight to upload here to my blog.

Okay it's 6:15 am... I've been awake since about 3:45am.  Jack isn't even up and getting ready for work yet and I have laid in bed, tossed and turned, got up to pee 3 times, cuddled up to Jack and then his first alarm went off at 5am... tossed again and decided that I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep with the nightmare continuing to replay in my head.  So, I got up and came downstairs.  Checked outside and on Jan 23rd (today) it's RAINING outside... somehow winter skipped Michigan this year.  Then I got a bowl of cereal and sat down to watch some Youtube videos.  I found a couple new blogs (Quiltvine and The Small Things Blog... which by the way is the author of one of the most popular hairstyle images on Pinterest... who knew!)

I guess I could attempt to go back to sleep.

Baby woke up once and positioned himself in the most awkward position protruding out of my right side underneath my ribs and then retreated and has now gone back to sleep.  I guess I could take some of my medicine to not feel nauseous any more (yes, I'm still dealing with nausea and vomiting at 32+ weeks...) and try to head back to bed.


  1. That is one crazy dream! I hate bad dreams. :( Hope you are able to get a good nights rest or at least some sleep minus the dreams. :-)

    1. Love your name. One of my absolute favorite Cure songs.

  2. I hate my vivid dreams. Every night it's something bad. :(


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