Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nursery Tour and Bump Pictures! 33+ weeks

Hey faithful readers... I thought I would spoil y'all with some pictures of my ever growing bump and my nursery.  I would say the nursery is about 95% complete and I'm super proud of it.  If you would like to see some of the before pictures, from when the nursery wasn't for any specific child, we had finished it to a certain point for our future foster children.  You can check that out here in one of my old posts.  You can also check to the left side of the blog on the list of top posts on here, Nursery is #3 :)
Emptied out closet... ready to be dismantled.

 Doesn't Jack look like he's ready to work.
 Big sisters coming in to check out the progress.
 Always watching and helping.
 Dixie is keeping guard, Bessie got bored.
 Jack building the closet.
Still building
I plan to frame this and show it to his son... A real man reads the directions ;)
Making progress and making measurements for the rods.
 Bessie keeps a watchful eye on everything.
Almost completely done, one more clothing rod.
Time to install the baskets. Dixie is helping.
 Installing the baskets.
It's not as difficult as it looks in these pictures lol.
Jack has to install the top shelf.  Sometimes 5'3" me needs to default to Mr. 6'2".
Dixie seeing if there is something she can do.  (By the way, that's a werther's wrapper o the floor, not a stain or poo lol)
Finished empty closet.  We are planning to put shelves above the clothing rods eventually. 
Time to hang up the laundry!!
And fold the blankets.
I can't tell what I'm holding, kinda looks like it might be socks lol.
About 1/3 of the laundry put away.
From the doorway.
To your right.  We decided we needed to get rid of that dresser because the drawers fell out when you pulled on them, plus they were SUPER loud and it's about 20 years old.  It just wouldn't make for a seamless, quiet middle of the night diaper change lol.
From the doorway still.
From the door.  The cradle to the right of the crib is the cradle my grandparents brought my parents from Michigan to Texas (on a plane lol... oh how times have changed) for my parents first kid (my older sister) and my grandparents first grandchild.  That crib has held almost every single baby on my Mom's side of the family, so me and my 3 siblings and 4 cousins.
 I reupholstered the rocking chair to match the room.

The dresser didn't really match anyway and it was super beat up and old... so yeah it was a relief to scrap it.
All the cloth diapers that still need to be prepped... 3 1/2 dozen prefolds.
Close up of a picture frame that one of my oldest friends made for us for my baby shower!
All the books we got! 
Changing pad and cloth diapers
All my pocket diapers... BumGenius 4.0's
 Closet getting stuffed

 Receiving blankets, blankets, baby monitors, towels, and my cloth wrap and sling.
All newborn to 3 month sized clothing.
 3-6 months to 6-9 months clothing
 12 month + clothing, we only have 2 things up there.

Little rubber duckies from my sister from our baby shower.
Blankets, afghans and quilts.
Crib sheets in there too and some toys.

The cradle that eventually became the toybox.
Reupholstered chair.
New changing table that replaced the dresser.  We like it way better.  I also got my diaper pail (the tall bucket next to the changing table.) 
Much less crowded room.  Love it.
 My little man's room is ready and waiting. (oh yeah, in all these pictures, you can't really see but off to the side that we hung up some chocolate brown thermal curtains.)
 Closet stuffed.
Top rack of my diapers... on the left is prefolds, middle has snappis and a planetwise wet bag (do you like the flames? I totally got that for Jack for his birthday haha.) And then on the right are my 2 dozen pocket diapers (bum genius 4.0's)
bottom rack - Covers, full size inserts for the BG4.0's, and 3 1/2 dozen cloth diapers in toddler size and the ones folded in half are infant sized that still need to be prepped. 
 The cradle became a toy box... oh and apparently I got my camera strap in the picture too, lovely.  That's quality photography right there.
Arie Jackson. 
(I painted the letters and frame and hung them separately on the wall.) 

This is me at 34 weeks 3 days on January 24th 2012
 Mama, Belly and Dixie.
Mama, Belly and Bessie! 

(I love those two pictures of me and the dogs!! So cute!)


  1. Love it!! I can't wait for him to come!

  2. Loving the pics!!!! Cant wait until you post pics of you rocking him in the chair. :)

  3. I love every bit of it, most of all the belly shots!!!

  4. Your dogs are adorable. Love everything you have done to the nursery.

  5. i love it all, beautiful room, beautiful mama :)


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