Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's been a couple of weeks...

I must apologize in advance for the formatting, spelling and grammatical errors. I am writing this on my iPhone so I'm really not sure how it's going to turn out.

First, last Saturday I spent the day at the hospital. I woke up early to go pick up a last minute gift card for my best friend's little sister's baby shower and I was early for the event and killing time reading a magazine in the parking lot. I noticed that my pulse was racing. I had been hanging out, reading celebrity gossip in my truck for 45 minutes!! I decided to go to the baby shower and relax and keep an eye on it.

After the shower, I came straight home and walked inside and sat on the couch. I took my pulse and it was 125 beats per minute. I waited 15 minutes, and then took it again. 120. Waited another 15 minutes and took it again and it was about 115. Jack just got home from work, so I called the on call line at my drs office. Of course, the doctor on call was the one that I didn't like and when she said I needed to go to the emergency room to check out my heart, I cried.

We let the dogs out, then grabbed our coats and headed to the hospital. Once in the ER, they immediately did an EKG. My heart looked normal except that I had tachycardia and my heart rate was about 130. Then they sent me up to labor and delivery to be monitored to make sure I wasn't in labor. After two hours on the monitors, the L&D team decided that I wasn't in labor and obstetrically I was fine. They released me back to the ER.

I was shuffled to two more rooms and finally saw an ER doc who wanted to hook me up to machines to monitor me for a while to see how things looked. Long story short, 4+ hours later, they decided that a heart rate above 100 was just normal for me at that stage in my pregnancy. He advised that I see my OB on Monday and a cardiologist.

I called on Monday to my OB and they wanted me to just keep my Wednesday appointment and referred me to a cardiologist. I made my cardiologist appointment for Thursday.

Wednesday rolled around and the OB I saw was very concerned with me seeing the cardiologist. She seemed very concerned that labor might damage my heart and wanted reassurance that my heart was healthy and up to the task. She scheduled a growth ultrasound for the next week and then wished me luck with the cardiologist.

The cardiologist was a nice man who performed another EKG and an echo cardio gram (an ultrasound of my heart) and everything checked out great. He concluded that this must just be normal for me and that my heart shows no signs of disease or disfunction at all. He said he felt confident to allow me to go through labor without being concerned for my safety.

The next week, I had a growth ultrasound before my doctors appointment. Jack met me at the doctor after he got off work and we got to see our little man. He is measuring in the 40th percentile and fluid looks great and he's definitely still a boy lol. My blood pressure then checked out great and the doctors appointment went really fast.

Fast forward one more week to today, I had an appointment at 10:30am. My blood pressure was really high for me so the nurse took it twice. 146/86. Ruh-roh.

Doctor came in and asked a bunch of questions. And then decided she wanted me to go to labor and delivery to get a non stress test to monitor the baby and monitor me for a little while to see if my blood pressure would go down. They did bloodwork and monitored me for a couple hours. Jack left work and came to be with me. It was much more comfortable than my last time since I kept my clothes on and last time, I was stuck in an uncomfortable torture device also known as the hospital gown.

My blood pressure went down and then back up. I also got to watch the monitor at each of my contractions. I knew I was having them and it was pretty cool to watch the monitor record them. Baby is still doing great and eventually they decided to just let me go home and gave me a list of symptoms to watch for for pre-eclampsia. I have to go back to the doctor in a day or so to be rechecked for my blood pressure.

So. Now I think everything is caught up. I am officially having a March baby because there are 11 minutes left in February 2012. I can almost officially say that I'm having a baby this month!! This roller coaster has been so amazing and I really really can't believe this is almost over. My pregnancy has gone by so incredibly fast. Even with the unbelievable morning sickness, I can still say for sure that I'm sad it went by so fast. God only knows if I will ever experience a miracle like this ever again!

I think everything is all set for his arrival. I have my entire stash of cloth diapers prepped and ready to go. I have my lanolin at the ready for breast feeding. The hospital bags are packed, he has an entire wardrobe for a year solid. Every baby item we have is set up and ready to be used. I really spend each day now just looking for something extra to do to get ready.

I think the only baby items we really need to get is a baby bath tub. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head!

Alright y'all, hopefully I will be able to fall asleep now but unfortunately I don't feel any more tired than I did when I started writing this. Again, I'm sorry for any mistakes... I typed this Whr thing out using my index finger on my iPhone.

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  1. I'm very happy to hear everything Is ok with the baby & you! & happy due date month! He will be here anytime now. How in the world did I type with just your index finger?? All that long blog.? Whyyyyy?? :-)


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