Monday, March 26, 2012

Books Read in 2012

I'm really not sure how many I'm shooting for with a new baby here... but I thought it might be fun to keep track anyway... starting with what I can remember:

  1. Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds by Cynthia Gabriel
  2. Ina May's Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin
  3. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League
  4. Jacob's Daughter by Samantha Jillian Bayarr.. 3.25.12
  5. Amish Winter Wonderland by Samantha Jillian Bayarr... 3.25.12
  6. Under the Mulberry Tree by Samantha Jillian Bayarr... 3.26.12
  7. The Frontiersman's Daughter by Laura Frantz ... 3.28.12 
  8. The Doctor's Blessing by Patricia Davids ... 3.31.12 
  9. Katie's Redemption by Patricia Davids ... 3.31.12 
  10. Amish Winter Wonderland by Patricia Davids ... 4.1.12
  11. An Amish Christmas by Patricia Davids ... 4.1.12
  12. The Christmas Quilt by Patricia Davids ... 4.2.12
  13. Little Wild Flower: Book One by Samantha Jillian Bayarr ...
  14. Little Wild Flower: Book Two by Samantha Jillian Bayarr ...
  15. The Taming of a Wild Flower: Book Three by Samantha Jillian Bayarr
  16. Unto Others: Companion Edition by Samantha Jillian Bayarr ...

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  1. Wow! My book was the first one you remembered! That is so exciting! Thanks for reading! Cynthia


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