Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not sure what to write

Well, here I sit on a Saturday morning at 10:19.  Arie woke up at 5:30 and was up until about 8 and has been sleeping for about 2 1/2 hours again.  I've been up since he first woke up.  At about 7, I started his diaper laundry.  I tried a new routine this morning and I can already tell that I like it more.  Diapers look clean before even putting in the detergent... success!

I wonder what my blog will turn in to now... the random mundane ramblings of a stay at home mom don't seem too worthy to be written down... but I have had a blog since 2002... actually since March 2002, so I have officially been writing an online journal for 10 years!! I can't believe I missed my bloggy anniversary! I guess as a snotty 16 year old, my writing wasn't any more important.

Jack is working over-time.  It's nice, but probably sucks for him. 

I'm looking forward to working out again.

I really don't have anything else exciting to write.

Things are going great with Arie.  He's growing and I can't believe that there are some newborn things that he's borderline growing out of... He's too long, not too wide haha.  He's still the most beautiful baby that I have ever laid eyes on.

I'm starting to wish for more visitors during the day.  I like having just the 3 of us family time at night when Jack comes home from work, but I would like someone to talk to or hang out with during the day.  And I really don't like taking him places yet because he doesn't like his car seat and he will cry.  

I can't believe next week that Arie will be 1 month old.  He'll be 4 weeks on Monday!  And at one month he goes back to the pediatrician for a check up.  I'm curious to see how much he weighs!  Last week he was 6lbs 8oz. 

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  1. :) Your life has changed, so its normal that now you are not sure about what to write...

    So, don't worry, enjoy the process and let the words flow with the moment...they will come. ^^

    PS-your son is sooo beautiful, as always miracles are. :)


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