Wednesday, May 30, 2012

iPhone photo dump

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On Memorial Day my little man slept in my k'tan wrap for 3 hours while I cleaned my house! Score!!
Plus I'm in clothes that havent fit me in a long time. I really hope the weight keeps coming off!

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My big boy sitting in Daddy's chair on Memorial Day!

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My beautiful babe... Doubled his birth weight at just shy of 3 months old with being exclusively breastfed.

That's all for now...

Our bedroom furniture is being delivered today and I am so excited!! I can't wait to post a bedroom reveal! I better make sure my camera is charged!

Monday, May 28, 2012

12 weeks old!

My little peanut is 12 weeks old today. The time really does go by so fast. I am thanking God still every day for my miracle baby.

Arie is 12lbs 1.5oz as of yesterday. 0.5 oz away from having doubled his birth weight. He's 23 1/2" long. He doesn't sleep through the night but I really don't mind. He has had 3 or 4 stretches of about 6 hours of sleep but usually at night it's around 3 hours. Last night it was every 1-2 hours.

Breastfeeding is still great. I have been dairy free for over a month now. I am 10 lbs below my prepregnancy weight and I'm hoping to see the weight continue to fall off. Arie is doing fabulously with my dairy free diet.

He's laughing more and more and smiling all day long. He's doing little coos and gurgles starting to talk. He also rolled over from his back to his belly the other day. He's sailing through his milestones.

It's pretty amazing to watch this tiny human learn more and more every day.

I also have to Thank God for a baby that needs to be held 24 hours a day, (literally, he sleeps in my arms) because that's exactly what I needed. I don't need a baby who sleeps through the night, I'm very happy to wake up and nurse and rock my little babe for hours each night. It melts my heart to have other people hold him and he turns away from them looking for or watching me. And when he gets fussy for other people all it takes is for me to hold him and cuddle him and in seconds he's much calmer. Even during diaper changes, if he's super fussy, I can take over and he calms down. It's an amazing wonderful thing.

As I type this I am rocking him while he sleeps on my shoulder in his nursery. Jack and I were going to attempt to take him up north this weekend but Jack had to work more than we expected and we are almost finished with our bedroom re-do. We wanted to finish that this weekend because our new bedroom furniture is being delivered in two days. I am definitely excited about that. Jack and I have been married 5 years in November and we are finally ditching our mismatch furniture and dressers from Jack's childhood. Right now Jack is installing our brand new white trim. The finishing touches are going in. We also painted the doors with a fresh coat of bright white high gloss paint to match the trim and spray painted all of the door hardware oil rubbed bronze. I can't wait to see the finished product.

I think next month we are planning to spend a couple days in the UP. My cousin graduated high school and his graduation party is up north where they live. I haven't been to The Soo since my Grandpa's funeral. It's going to be surreal to go up there and not have my grandparents to visit and not be going to my grandparents house. My Grandma passed away in April of 2007 and my Grandpa in September of 2008.

Today we are having some family over to visit and BBQ. It was supposed to be nasty and storming all day but it's a beautiful sunny day so far. I really love it when family members get so close that they are also your friends. It's so nice to have people who have known your family as long or longer than you have and to have someone to commiserate with lol.

I feel like I have so much to do today but with all of the work on the bedroom that I've done all weekend, Arie is sick of other people holding him and won't let me put him down. If I even adjust my position and he thinks I'm getting up, he will wake up out of a dead sleep. I guess that means that it's time to slow down.

Oh yes, in other really exciting news, we have owned our house for 2 years on the 5th of this month. Crazy how fast those two years flew by!!

Stay tuned for our master bedroom reveal! Hopefully I will get some time next weekend to take some pictures with my camera and not my phone and get on a computer. :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm slacking.

Everything has been going really well. Arie is growing like a weed and getting closer to 12lbs.

He's sleeping in my arms and has every night since birth.

He's a super happy baby.

Breast feeding is still going super well. I guess they call this the honeymoon stage where we both know what we're doing so its just smooth sailing. When he's hungry he eats really fast and he also can spend an hour or more comfort nursing and both are just fine by me.

We are in the process of doing a total makeover in our master bedroom. Today, I peeled off my vinyl sticker from the wall and Jack and I have been taking down all the trim. I plan to paint and then we are putting up brand new crisp white trim. We have stained wood trim and I have hated it for the last two years since we bought the house. We also picked out a bedroom set and put it on lay away. By the time we are ready for it in our room, we should have paid it off. And, the thing that I am most excited about is that we upgraded from a queen size bed to a king!

Oh yeah, we figured out that Arie is MSPI (Milk, Soy, Protein Intolerance) so I have had to completely alter my diet. I have completely cut out all dairy and I am very careful not to eat soy. The difference in Arie is astounding... And it has put my postpartum weight loss on overdrive. Since I gave birth, I have lost 52lbs. And it's still coming off. Last week, I lost 4lbs.

With going dairy free and having to scrutinize every food label, it has changed the way I look at food. If it's more than a few ingredients, I don't eat it. I eat a lot of pure foods, whole grains, plain chicken breasts, fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Every thing I eat has to be prepared by either my husband or myself. This strict diet along with breast feeding is helping I'm sure. I am 7lbs below pre-pregnancy weight.

Cloth diapering is also going very well. I love it still & wouldn't change a thing!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Productive Naps!

Today I had a super productive nap.  That sounds like it doesn't make any sense, but it does.  Arie is still sleeping and I showered and got dressed.  I brushed my hair for the first time in days.  I vacuumed my house and I have been working on diaper laundry and stripping two loads of diapers all yesterday and today.  Now I have the last load of stripped diapers on the line.  I have one more load of diapers to be stripped, and once Arie uses them today, I will strip them tonight and hopefully tomorrow will be sunny and they can go out on the line too. 

I'm not quite sure how this summer is going to work... I am a very hot person and if it was possible, I wouldn't let my husband sleep in our bed in the summer... I just get so hot.  And now I sleep with a tiny body next to me (which is getting less tiny by the day!) and he's a little heat box.  We have issues with our duct work that hopefully we will be getting fixed in the next month or so as we really begin to need our air conditioning. 

When we almost burned the house down, Jack's friend who does heating and cooling came in and noticed the disaster that is our duct work.  It's always at least 10, maybe 15 degrees cooler upstairs than it is downstairs in the winter and then the same, if not a more extreme temperature difference in the summer.  Apparently the DIY hack who used to own this house did his own duct work... and had no idea what he was doing.  Just because point A connects to point B in duct work does NOT mean that it works.  So, anyway, the point of this mini rant was that Jack's friend said he would fix our duct work for about $300.  Anyone have an extra $300 laying around?  That needs to get done because the only way I can conceivably foresee this summer working out is if we have very delicious and efficient air conditioning that will keep my little prince and I nice and comfortable all summer.

For some reason staying at home with a baby is a lot different socially than being a stay at home wife.  I guess it's the inability to just pick up and go to lunch if I want to or a movie if I want to that changes things... but I didn't expect there to be such an extreme difference.

There's one thing I've definitely noticed... I'm lonely.  I don't think I was ever that lonely before... but on the weekends when all Jack wants to do is be at home in his house... all I want to do is get out of the house.  I want to go hang out at someone else's house.

I don't really enjoy going out shopping because it's not that fun to nurse in my Durango.  It's not REALLY that spacious and as Arie gets bigger by the day, it gets more difficult to cram into the back seat to nurse comfortably.  And now, with summer right at our door, I can't even imagine how sucky it will be to try to nurse in my truck in the heat.  YUCK.

I also don't enjoy getting out shopping because I am trying even more to be frugal.  With one more little body in the budget, it's even more important to curb the impulse shopping trips.  With no impulse shopping trips, the week seems just a little bit longer.

At the same time... it really is flying by.  He is already 8 1/2 weeks... his 2 month check up is tomorrow and that boggles my mind.  One one hand, it seems like each day goes by kinda slow when it's just me and him and I have no one to talk to all day... but on the other... it is going by so fast, I can't even believe it's possible.  My little munchkin is growing out of his 3 month clothing... and he's 2 days away from being 2 months old.  This is the same little tyke that was in the 4th percentile when he was born!  (Go breastmilk!)

I guess that's all I really have to say today... I just wish that I had neighbors that were close to my age and had young children/babies.  Makes me really miss my friends in Wisconsin.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

8 weeks/ 2 months update!

Arie will be 2 months old on Saturday the 5th... it went by so fast it's crazy.  It's also crazy that I've managed to take at least one (if not 50) pictures every day of his life.

I love this little man more than words can even describe.

Everything is still going great.  Breastfeeding is awesome.  Easiest part about him.  He's not sleeping through the night, he gets up at least twice between 8pm and 6am.  Tooootally fine by me.  He still sleeps in my arms every night, also totally fine by me.  Cloth diapering is going great and I'm about to strip the diapers a second time.  It appears as though I might be using too much detergent because I think I keep getting detergent build up. I need to check the weather and see when the next sunny day will be so that I can hang my diapers out on the line to dry and sun.  As of yesterday, I am officially 1 lb above my "official" pre-pregnancy weight.  I'm  hoping to lose another 40-50 lbs.

 I weighed him last night and he is 10lbs 8.5oz.  He's growing by about 1 1/2 oz a day.  It's pretty crazy how fast this little munchkin is growing.  I swear, it seems like he's about to grow out of 3 month sized clothing.  It feels like not very long ago that we retired the newborn sized and preemie sized clothing!!

We have done a couple day trips to the in-laws that have been successful.  I just over pack on his clothes and diapers and we go through almost all of the diapers I pack, always.  Today was the first day that we went to my mom's house with him.

From hours old to almost 2 months old... he's gained 4 1/2 lbs!