Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm slacking.

Everything has been going really well. Arie is growing like a weed and getting closer to 12lbs.

He's sleeping in my arms and has every night since birth.

He's a super happy baby.

Breast feeding is still going super well. I guess they call this the honeymoon stage where we both know what we're doing so its just smooth sailing. When he's hungry he eats really fast and he also can spend an hour or more comfort nursing and both are just fine by me.

We are in the process of doing a total makeover in our master bedroom. Today, I peeled off my vinyl sticker from the wall and Jack and I have been taking down all the trim. I plan to paint and then we are putting up brand new crisp white trim. We have stained wood trim and I have hated it for the last two years since we bought the house. We also picked out a bedroom set and put it on lay away. By the time we are ready for it in our room, we should have paid it off. And, the thing that I am most excited about is that we upgraded from a queen size bed to a king!

Oh yeah, we figured out that Arie is MSPI (Milk, Soy, Protein Intolerance) so I have had to completely alter my diet. I have completely cut out all dairy and I am very careful not to eat soy. The difference in Arie is astounding... And it has put my postpartum weight loss on overdrive. Since I gave birth, I have lost 52lbs. And it's still coming off. Last week, I lost 4lbs.

With going dairy free and having to scrutinize every food label, it has changed the way I look at food. If it's more than a few ingredients, I don't eat it. I eat a lot of pure foods, whole grains, plain chicken breasts, fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Every thing I eat has to be prepared by either my husband or myself. This strict diet along with breast feeding is helping I'm sure. I am 7lbs below pre-pregnancy weight.

Cloth diapering is also going very well. I love it still & wouldn't change a thing!

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