Thursday, May 3, 2012

Productive Naps!

Today I had a super productive nap.  That sounds like it doesn't make any sense, but it does.  Arie is still sleeping and I showered and got dressed.  I brushed my hair for the first time in days.  I vacuumed my house and I have been working on diaper laundry and stripping two loads of diapers all yesterday and today.  Now I have the last load of stripped diapers on the line.  I have one more load of diapers to be stripped, and once Arie uses them today, I will strip them tonight and hopefully tomorrow will be sunny and they can go out on the line too. 

I'm not quite sure how this summer is going to work... I am a very hot person and if it was possible, I wouldn't let my husband sleep in our bed in the summer... I just get so hot.  And now I sleep with a tiny body next to me (which is getting less tiny by the day!) and he's a little heat box.  We have issues with our duct work that hopefully we will be getting fixed in the next month or so as we really begin to need our air conditioning. 

When we almost burned the house down, Jack's friend who does heating and cooling came in and noticed the disaster that is our duct work.  It's always at least 10, maybe 15 degrees cooler upstairs than it is downstairs in the winter and then the same, if not a more extreme temperature difference in the summer.  Apparently the DIY hack who used to own this house did his own duct work... and had no idea what he was doing.  Just because point A connects to point B in duct work does NOT mean that it works.  So, anyway, the point of this mini rant was that Jack's friend said he would fix our duct work for about $300.  Anyone have an extra $300 laying around?  That needs to get done because the only way I can conceivably foresee this summer working out is if we have very delicious and efficient air conditioning that will keep my little prince and I nice and comfortable all summer.

For some reason staying at home with a baby is a lot different socially than being a stay at home wife.  I guess it's the inability to just pick up and go to lunch if I want to or a movie if I want to that changes things... but I didn't expect there to be such an extreme difference.

There's one thing I've definitely noticed... I'm lonely.  I don't think I was ever that lonely before... but on the weekends when all Jack wants to do is be at home in his house... all I want to do is get out of the house.  I want to go hang out at someone else's house.

I don't really enjoy going out shopping because it's not that fun to nurse in my Durango.  It's not REALLY that spacious and as Arie gets bigger by the day, it gets more difficult to cram into the back seat to nurse comfortably.  And now, with summer right at our door, I can't even imagine how sucky it will be to try to nurse in my truck in the heat.  YUCK.

I also don't enjoy getting out shopping because I am trying even more to be frugal.  With one more little body in the budget, it's even more important to curb the impulse shopping trips.  With no impulse shopping trips, the week seems just a little bit longer.

At the same time... it really is flying by.  He is already 8 1/2 weeks... his 2 month check up is tomorrow and that boggles my mind.  One one hand, it seems like each day goes by kinda slow when it's just me and him and I have no one to talk to all day... but on the other... it is going by so fast, I can't even believe it's possible.  My little munchkin is growing out of his 3 month clothing... and he's 2 days away from being 2 months old.  This is the same little tyke that was in the 4th percentile when he was born!  (Go breastmilk!)

I guess that's all I really have to say today... I just wish that I had neighbors that were close to my age and had young children/babies.  Makes me really miss my friends in Wisconsin.


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  1. How would he do with an hour car ride? You are welcome to come here! Actually, I think it's more like 45 mins...


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