Friday, June 22, 2012


Last night was mostly a sleepless night. Arie has started to realize when things are out of the norm and he wants to stay awake to not miss anything. Last night, he went to sleep around 9 and was up by 10:15pm... Until about 1:15am when we finally went back to bed....

My sister is in town and visiting so he was very interested to stay awake to see her and hear us talking while we visited.

This morning, my mom came over to visit and see Liz. After breakfast, we hopped in the shower and headed to the mall. I wanted to buy a couple nicer fitted tees so I could make a couple more nursing tops. I ended up shopping the clearance racks for clothes for little Arie & I picked up a cute romper for Anne & Nick's new baby boy, Levi!

Jack has been put on some big project at work, so he will probably be working OT this weekend. Yay OT, boo to not having my husby around.

I think he's planning on making a luggage rack that attaches to my Durango in the trailer hitch this weekend. We have a big road trip planned and we would be able to keep all of our luggage on this rack behind the truck and the dogs in the back part inside and then us three humans in the front two rows of seats.

I totally plan to take my cloth diapers on vacation with us. I already asked our hosts if they minded me using their washer & dryer and they didn't mind at all! I think it will be pretty amusing to figure out a way to pack up my whole diaper stash and take it with us... Including my drying rack and laundry detergent!!

Arie is napping again, 3 1/2 hours now. He missed out on about 5 hours of sleep last night that he normally gets, so I'm not surprised at all.

I just need to figure out a way to gently get him off of my lap without waking him. I'm thinking I will just soak up the sweet babe while he's still small enough to ;)

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