Saturday, June 23, 2012

Really productive day... Thank God for my mom!!

My mom came over around 11 this morning and by 12pm, Arie was up from his nap and I spent the next 4 hours cleaning my house! I kept popping in to check on my mom and Arie's play time, and sitting down to nurse or rock him to sleep for a nap... But I got so much done!!

I have diaper laundry sunning, I washed sheets and blankets off the bed that my sister slept in two nights ago while she was visiting, I vacuumed my whole house, cleaned the nursery, put away his clothes and several loads of laundry, scrubbed all of my hard floors (about 700 sq ft of floors), I scrubbed both bathroom floors upstairs, cleaned my laundry room, made lunch for my mom and I, baked a 2 layer chocolate cake from scratch and hamburger buns from scratch.

The 2 layers of cake are cooling right now and the hamburger buns are rising.

I'm thinking that I would like to write a cook book for moms with little ones with MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance) because it's pretty difficult to find good recipes! Especially since everything needs to be prepared from scratch to ensure there are no hidden dairy or soy ingredients.

I really enjoy the whole process of baking and cooking. Even cleaning up the kitchen is incredibly satisfying!

I think I'm going to get a notebook and start creating this cook book!

Jack has been in the garage all day welding a rack to carry his big metal box that was in the bed of his truck, but we are going to use it as a luggage/storage compartment since we will need the bed part of the Durango to house the dogs. This thing that Jack made goes into the trailer hitch so it goes right behind us but we won't have to pull a trailer.

Tomorrow we are having friends over for a play date. I have known Krista since we were in 6th grade and her and her husband and two kids are coming over. Her youngest is less than a week older than Arie. It will be so fun having a friend with a baby so close in age. Adora is also exclusively breastfed, so it will be a big party every time we get together just because our babies have so much in common. I'm hoping I can convert her to cloth diapering too muhahaha!

Right now, Jack went back to town for some more steel for his project and Arie is napping on my lap. I have a lot of cleaning that I would like to finish, but I'm enjoying the break.

I can just sit here and inhale deeply the smell of freshly baked chocolate cake from scratch and enjoy my nice clean house.

This is the life!

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