Sunday, July 8, 2012

4 months old

I hate it when Arie has slowly drifted back to sleep whole nursing in the rocking chair and he's 30 seconds from being able to be moved back to bed without waking up... And I sneeze.

That just happened, true story.

Arie was 13 lbs 7oz and about 25" long on July 5th. He's a growing boy but his growing has definitely slowed down as far as weight. He's getting much longer though!

He stands and takes steps if you hold his hands with with your fingers. He doesn't sit up unassisted yet but he's getting closer every day.

He smiles and laughs like its his job.

He's not sleeping through the night and he wakes up 3-5 times to eat still but with co-sleeping, it's hardly noticeable. I discovered that 6/7 nights a week, he won't go pee all night long so getting out of bed to change his diaper wakes him up. And, because he's sleeping right next to me, I wake up as soon as he begins to rouse so every feeding happens without him even waking up. Most of the time, I stay awake only for a minute or two while I get him latched and then I fall back to sleep. The next time I need to wake up it's either because he's latched again in his sleep, or he's hungry again and I move him to my other side to feed him from my other breast. I get a lot more sleep than when I was getting out of bed with him and nursing him in the rocking chair. The only reason I had to rock him back to sleep was because I woke him up getting him out of bed. Unfortunately, he has started to stay up much later and he is much more difficult to get to sleep for the night.

The weather has been almost record breaking hot here in Michigan which has made it impossible to be outside at all with a baby. It's dangerous to even go to the grocery store with a baby because we are in the triple digits. If I got a flat or had any vehicle trouble, having a baby in 100°+ temperatures would prove to be a very bad situation. I fear this has stalled my weight loss a bit. I have plateaued after losing 60 pounds post partum. In the last two weeks, I haven't lost any more weight. I am 15 pounds less than my pre pregnancy weight though. I guess I'm going to have to make a conscious effort to move more. It's difficult in this heat and while I have a baby who sleeps only when held.

This past week my BFF Ashley & I went to the mall and as we were walking a lap, this creepy guy started walking uncomfortably close behind me. He was paying way too close attention to the baby in my arms and even if he wasn't a creeper, he had gotten into my uncomfortable zone by walking way too near me. I turned around abruptly and stopped and looked him square in the eye and he was startled. I don't think he realized what kind of mama bear he was walking too close to. He nervously laughed and attempted to change his course. I waited until he was walking in front of me before we continued on.

It's amazing how scary the world is outside. But, that long winded explanation is why I refuse to walk with him at that mall again. There is another mall that I can go to in a much higher socioeconomic class part of the county, but it's a good 40 minutes away and I'm sure there will still be creepers.

Also, the mall is a big oval loop and in the center of the aisle, every few hundred feet there are seating areas. After shopping inside the Gap outlet, Ashley and I sat down with our babies to feed them. This little old lady sat across from us, about 15 feet away and kept trying to look around my stroller that was in front of me to see what I was doing. I'm feeding my baby you weirdo, it's not like I'm giving my four month old a tattoo... Take a picture. It will last longer.

Speaking of nursing, my girlfriend Anne from Just Married Real Estate and her husband Nick came to visit with their brand new baby, Levi. We had them over for dinner this past week along with our other friends Krista and Ken and their two beautiful daughters, Alina and Adora. At one point, Krista, Anne, and I had sat down on the couch and began to nurse our babies. It was so sweet that I asked Jack to get a picture.

On Independence Day, Jack and I drove to his grandparents house to visit. It was the first time that Arie had been there. I caught several great shots of Great Grandpa Arie holding his namesake.

The past month has been amazing.

I really can't wait to see what time has in store for us!


  1. Love all the pics. ESP the comparison one. My how he's grown! Any tips for nursing lying down at night? I've tried a couple times but he seems to have trouble staying latched comfortably. Maybe I need to keep at it!

  2. Ahhh, I'm totally one of those peek-around-the-stroller people. It's just so hard to resist the temptation to see an adorable baby! I try not to do it if I realize someone's nursing, though...even if it's in public, that doesn't mean it has to be a spectacle. Yikes. And not cool about that creepy guy. Some people have no sense of boundaries! I once had to step out of line at the post office because the guy behind me was coughing - without covering - right at my baby.



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