Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Checklist for road trips with an infant

I have been making lists for weeks and I have finally come up with what I hope is a good list of things to bring on a road trip with an infant. Arie is 4 1/2 months old. We are also bringing our two dogs.

We are cloth diapering and I am Breastfeeding on our trip.

For The Car:
- big tote of toys, lots of crinkle toys and rattles and toys that click.
- diaper bag (I will include a list of contents)
- boppy pillow for comfortable nursing at rest stops
- light blankets (I use the Aden & Anais muslin blankets... LOVE those!)
- burp cloths
- large zippered wet bag to hold dirty diapers
- 2 extra tshirts for me (in case of baby spit up or other baby grossness)

Diaper Bag:
- 6 pocket diapers
- 2 flat diapers
- snappi
- cover for flats
- Grandma El's diaper ointment
- lanolin
- 3 Changes of clothes for Arie
- baby Tylenol
- baby gas drops
- baby vitamin D drops
- Tylenol for adults
- vitamin A&D ointment
- hydrocortisone cream
- baby nail clippers
- baby thermometer
- baby hair brush (pretty much for giggles since I have a basically bald baby lol)
- cloth wipes
- water bottle (I use my peri bottle that I brought home from the hospital with just water in it for a wipe solution)

For my cloth diapers:
I brought pretty much my whole stash. I will be able to do laundry where we are staying, so I brought my Rockin Green detergent. (Favorite cloth diaper detergent!!)
I borrowed a suitcase from my girlfriend to pack them in and I basically put my whole diaper station in the suitcase.
I also brought all 4 of my wetbags. I have 2 medium wet/dry bags for when we are out & about and in my diaper bag and 2 large zippered hanging wetbags to replace my diaper pail and pail liners.
We will actually be traveling there with some dirty diapers from the day before, I will try to plan my diaper laundry for the night we leave and have everything packed up before we go.
Because I will be able to do laundry where we are staying and I am bringing my drying rack so I can still sun my diapers, I really don't think this will be that much different than every day cloth diapering. I'll let you know if I need to eat my words, but it just seems so simple. I have my diaper bag packed like I would for a day out and about. (plus all of the extra medical stuff that I should probably carry with me anyway.)

For baby:
I pretty much packed all of his clothes in the size he's wearing right now. He goes through a lot of clothes and because I can do laundry where I'm going, that just seemed like the most simple solution. He has his own little duffle bag, the size of an over night bag.
- short sleeved onesies
- long sleeved onesies
- cotton pants
- socks
- hats with brims
- rompers
- sleepers
- baby wash
- baby lotion
- q-tips
- baby oil
- baby powder (I use it in his arm pita for sweat, Jack and I always joke that we put on his deodorant. He doesn't stink, his skin can just get really raw from not breathing enough and sweat.)
Since he is still under 6 months, we won't be using sunscreen, we will just keep him in the shade.

Our friends have 2 under 4 so they should have a baby bath tub, otherwise I can just sit in the bath with him like I do most of the time anyway.

For feeding him, I don't require much other than a comfortable place to sit down. He doesn't take a bottle and hasn't started solid foods yet. I brought my boppy and our friends have a rocking chair. I packed a dozen burp cloths (we use toddler sized prefolds for burp cloths).

He sleeps in bed with me and we are sleeping on an air mattress. We decided that it wouldn't be safe or comfortable for Jack, Arie and I to all sleep on one air mattress, that we will bring an extra one. Our friends are blowing up a queen sized one and we brought our double sized as well. I brought sheets and a blanket for both of us as well as all four pillows that we use every night. Arie sleeps in my arm, so he only needs his own light blanket, if that. I like the A&A muslin blankets for this too! We packed 3 of those blankets and four receiving blankets.

I decided not to bring the stroller since the back of the durango will be full of dog beds and dogs and the luggage rack will already have the dog cages strapped to it. Arie is still in his infant car seat that can snap into the stroller, but I rarely use that. I brought my ring sling, my k'tan wrap and my mei-tai instead.

For the Dogs:
- dog food
- dog bowls
- leashes & collars
- both dog cages
- dog beds that they lay on in the back of the Durango and will be moved into their cages once we get to the house
- dog poop bags

Our friends have a dog too, so anything we may have forgotten they should have. (Our friend's actually have Bessie's brother.... Her litter mate! That's how we became friends in the first place. I'm really excited to see Bessie & Brewer interact since they haven't seen each other for 2 1/2 years!)

As far as packing for Jack and I:
We will pack five days worth of summer clothes, with several extra tshirts for me in case of baby messes. I usually wear nursing tanks under tshirts or my DIY nursing tshirts.

Our suitcases and random things are in the box that my husband built to go in the trailer hitch. The dog cages and drying rack are strapped on top. He welded little tabs for a license plate holder as well.

I think that's it!! If my lists helped you or gave you any ideas, please leave a comment and let me know you stopped by! I know I've spent hours googling checklists for traveling with a baby.

I'll update later with how successful my packing turned out to be and what things I over and under packed. And also how easy it was to cloth diaper on a road trip. :) stay tuned for more on our trip around the pond!

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  1. I love all the CDs in its own suitcase. Im jealous of the stash. I hope you have a safe fun trip!!


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