Sunday, July 15, 2012

Planning a road trip with an infant

I'm brainstorming for an upcoming road trip!

We plan to take Arie's cloth diapers and I'm not sure how I'm going to pack them. I was thinking that I have two large wet bags that zip and I could store all of the clean in one and transfer to dirty on the other one. And then I can use my medium wet bags for the wipes and then the other for Arie's dirty clothes. I think I will take pictures once I figure out how to pack everything.
We don't have enough diapers to go for 4 days, so we will be doing diaper laundry at least once at our friends' house. I'm also bringing my drying rack to sun them too. It will be just like at home except a different washer. :P

I have no idea how many clothes to pack for him either. I have packed for Jack since we got married, so this time I'm packing for a little man who spits up and drools. :) just a couple more outfits for each day.

For feeding him, I know I want to bring my boppy and I also have a my Brest friend pillow that I keep in my truck for nursing while out and about. I will also bring a large stack of burp cloths.

I don't think I will be able to pick just one wrap, so I think I'm going to bring them all. Lol. I'm terrible I know!

I am pretty sure that I'm over thinking packing.


  1. I have an extra large utility tote from 31 gifts that I put all of coopers diapers in when we travel. I also bring a pillow case for dirty diapers. My wet bags aren't big enough to hold that many.

  2. He looks soooo cute in the onsie I got him!<3 The first time I picked for D, I bought like 3 weeks worth haha you'll be fine, over packing is way better then under packing!

  3. He looks so cute in the onzie I got him! <3 The first time I packed for D I brought like 3 weeks worth of stuff lol way better to overt pack then under pack! Make a list do you don't forget anything: )

  4. The last picture with the kitty is super cute! Good luck packing for your trip!


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