Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blog every day in August fail already

Yesterday (as in the day that ended 3 hours and 15 minutes ago) I went to a play date. At this point it is less play date and more girl hang out with kids present, but I digress.

Apparently that day wore Arie out because he went to sleep at 6:10pm. Thank God for my husband learning to cook while I was pregnant because he cooked dinner for us while I had a sleeping nursing baby on my lap.

In other big exciting Arie news, we got his convertible car seat yesterday! I ordered a Britax Marathon 70 from (super cheap, $217!!) and I installed it after Jack got home. 3 sections of foam pool noodle later and his car seat was installed. I'm sure it had more to do with him being exhausted and it being 97°F outside and less with the seat, but Arie did not want to sit in it and try it out.

I'm really excited about it though. I have no idea why, but past the teeny tiny newborn stage, I never liked the infant car seat that snapped into the base. I was constantly having to tighten the latch system and I hated leaning over the seat to set the seat in or pull the seat out of the truck. I'm pumped about his new seat. Technically, he hadn't grown out of his old seat, but I just wasn't happy with it. So it has been retired until the next baby or foster baby.

Occasionally when Arie goes to sleep at 6pm, he wakes up at 2... And today he woke up at about 1:45. He was up for a little over an hour and after two super soaking wet diaper changes in an hour, I say down in my rocker and turned on my white noise app. I faced him out on my lap and started rocking. In less than 10 minutes, he was out! I have just rocked for an extra 10 minutes, just to be sure, and now, at 3:25am, I'm going back to sleep. Hopefully my next wake up will be 6:30-7am :P

I'll post pictures of my prince in his new car seat later today, if we run any errands. :)

In other random news, insane IL drama has inspired me to step away from Facebook and put literally my entire friends list on restricted. I still want to be able to use the photo albums to have daily pictures to look back on, but I don't feel like sharing everything right now. And especially with this season that's coming up, as it does every four years, Facebook makes me want to throw my computer. Suddenly the share button becomes a Facebook soap box for those people who only become passionate about politics for 2 months out of every 48. I hate election season with a passion and I have a hard time not feeling differently about people who act like idiots around this time... So it's easier to avoid it all together. I will continue to practice my politics the same way that I do year round and the people who only get involved and start reading and believing what is posted on fb and get all worked up and vote only based on that can continue in their behaviors without having me in the audience.

/steps off my bloggy soap box as I prepare to vote in my local election this week coming up... Pretty sure most of these Facebook share activists don't even know when or what local elections are lol

Time for bed!
Goodnight blog land. I think this should count for a blog about August 3rd instead of August 4! Maybe I will only miss one day of blogging this month!

Ahh yes, and in honor of world Breastfeeding week... Just having a little fun with it. Nursing from any angle. ;)

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  1. I completely understand your FB ideas. I hate reading all of that crap and I hate that FB has some sort of hold over me. I can't leave it completely because I feel I will lose contact with people I don't want to but I really don't like how it has become. I have debated getting off it for good but I can't come to that point yet... Good luck with your limited use!


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