Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day in the Life

Here's a little peek into my life, a day in the life of a stay at home mom.

5:30pm - grouchy baby gets a bath

6:30 pm - rocked and nursed to sleep

8pm - dream feeding (nursing while he's still asleep, in bed next to me.)

11 pm - dream feeding

1:05 am - middle of the night nursing session isn't as quiet as normal and Arie wakes up instead of sleeping through it. I can hear the cat crying at the back door, so I go down to let him in. Come back up and little man is wide awake and looking around in the dark. First diaper change of the night.

He's wide awake on his changing table so I take him downstairs to the living room to rock and nurse in case he's up for a while so we don't wake up Jack. He did fall asleep at 6:30 pm, so this wake up isn't surprising. I wake Dixie up and she comes downstairs with me to stand guard. Time to catch up on some dvr'd shows!

2:13am - diaper change and then checked outside to watch meteor shower, but it's overcast. :(

2:44am - diaper change & back downstairs to rock and nurse again. Hopefully he falls back to sleep.

3:00am - back to sleep!! 5 more minutes of rocking and I'm turning the lights off downstairs and we are going back up to bed! I'm exhausted!

6am - wake up to nurse

8:45am- wake up to nurse and get up. Check diaper, its dry. Coffee, breakfast, start Honey Wheat bread in bread maker

9:20am - change diaper and back downstairs to nurse and cuddle and rock.

9:45-10:15 am clean kitchen, unload and reload dish washer with right hand, baby in left arm.

10:15 diaper change, go throw in a load of darks

10:25 hop in shower, Arie plays in bouncer chair. Get dressed, makeup.

10:55 - diaper change, get Arie dressed for the day, downstairs to nurse and hopefully get Arie to take a nap.

11am - Arie rocked & nursed to sleep. Rock him & check my email/facebook and email my friend about dairy free recipes.

12pm - attempt to transfer Arie to swing so I can clean... SUCCESS! Let the dogs outside, Vacuum house, scrub floors, vacuum furniture.

1pm - bread is done, 2 loads of laundry are folded and put away, one in the dryer, one in the washer. Then guest bedroom sheets and blankets are all that is left to wash. Arie is still napping away. Floors are dry, time to let the dogs back inside.

1:35pm- bedroom picked up, bed made, sitting down with a glass of water to write & check email and wait for Arie to wake up from his nap... What an atypical day! Arie never sleeps this long and through this much... Must have been the middle of the night party that has left him so sleepy!

1:50pm - Arie woke up. Diaper change & nursing. Trying to decide if I still have time to go visit my friend and make a quick trip to the grocery store.

2:03pm - take baby & dogs outside to walk around and check the mail

2:30pm- diaper change, eat a slice of bread with jam and Arie plays with his toys on the floor in the living room. Starting to get excited about Jack coming home from work. Thinking about what I can make for dinner. Starting to upload videos from camera while laying on the floor with Arie. Unloaded the dishwasher.

3:07- sit down to nurse again. Rocking & cuddling. Jack should be home in an hour and a half. Having hamburgers for dinner @& Jack is stopping at the grocery store on his way home.

4pm- diaper change & cleaned the nursery. Hung up clothes in closet. Jack called and he's on his way home after stopping at the grocery store & getting his hair cut before coming home.

4:50 - diaper change & start diaper laundry. Jack should be home soon. Arie is grouchy so it looks like it might be a "Jack cooks dinner" night.

5:20 pm - Jack is home and Arie fell asleep nursing. He's starting dinner of home made baked fries and hamburgers on the grill.

6:25pm- Arie is still sleeping, I'm catching up on YouTube videos and texting friends.

6:45pm- Arie wakes up, diaper change and Jack gets to visit with him while I help with dinner and load the dish washer. start wash cycle on diaper laundry & then add soap.

7pm- dinner, Arie sits in his chair on the table with us and sucks on a baby spinach leaf while we eat.

7:25pm- Arie bath routine- strip down, weigh (14lbs 7.5oz) and put in the bath. After scrub and rinse, dry off, lotion, clean ears and powder arm pits. Diaper & pjs.

7:45pm- I brush my teeth and put on PJs and get ready for bed. Go downstairs and check diaper laundry. Not ready for rinse cycle yet. Sit down to nurse and rock Arie. Jack finishes cleaning up the kitchen only to discover that Dixie ate all of the food off the table while we were upstairs during bath time.

8:30pm- after rocking and a white noise app on my phone, Arie is asleep. I'm exhausted and thinking about skipping my two shows that I watch on Monday nights. I want to rock him for a little while longer so I can spend a few minutes with Jack before I go to sleep. Hopefully there will be no party tonight at 1am lol.

9:30pm - going to bed.

9:34pm - laid down, Arie started to stir, dream feeding.

10pm- Arie stirs. Diaper change. Nursing & rocking back to sleep.


  1. Sounds A lot like mine... Except I have been making bread by hand, which is way too much work. What bread machine do you use, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. I think it's an Oster brand... Nothing fancy. Probably under $40!

  3. That's the one I was looking at on Amazon actually. Going to try out the recipe for those muffins you put up the other day as well. My husband will be one happy guy w/ all this homemade goodness, thank u :)


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