Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting back to old habits

Lately, I have felt really convicted that the hours each day that I spend rocking Arie in the rocking chair & playing on my phone, could be better spent. Instead of browsing Pinterest and Facebook, I should be reading my Bible and spending more time in prayer.

This morning I read a few chapters of Ezekiel and I couldn't figure out why I haven't been reading my bible while I'm stuck in the chair all along!

I have been also working on a quilt all morning in between diaper laundry and diaper changes and baby feedings. With everything I do all day, it doesn't leave much time for fun stuff like sewing. I'm surprised at how much fun I'm having while working on this quilt. It's been almost 2 years since I've made a quilt!!

I'm also planning our garden for next year. We will need a rototiller and manure.

And we are getting a lot of wood for our wood burning stove in about a month. That will give us enough time to get it all cut and split before winter... I'm hoping that I can get some of my family members to help us out!

I have no idea how long Arie will nap right now, but I already tried setting him down after he fell asleep and he woke up less than 5 minutes later. He needs a nap, so I will rock him until he's done. A little quiet meditation in our bedroom with the curtains drawn and in the quiet never hurt anyone.

We experimented with putting Arie's crib as a side car next to our bed last night. He slept in it for a grand total of 2 hours, but that's the first 2 hours he's ever slept in his crib! Jack and I aren't in a hurry to get him out of our bed, but I wondered if he might get more sleep. He slept the same as with me, so he really is just hungry every few hours and he needs to eat.

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  1. Still need a rototiller? Jimmy and I have one that we can bring over.


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