Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting Ready For Fall Around Here

I have been shopping online (Thank you Kohl's clearance sales + 30% off coupons!) for Arie's fall/winter wardrobe and that is basically complete and I'm working through the next few sizes.  It's difficult to guess what he will be wearing then or what I will most like dressing him in, so I can't really go years ahead here.  He has a HUGE wardrobe for his next size up (6-9/9 months) but he's still comfortably fitting in his 6 month clothes.  I'm sure he will fit in them the rest of the summer and into the fall.

I bought myself a dress from the clearance section for about $11 or so that was a $60+ dress and I was going to alter it for nursing... but I bought it in a Large.  Too big!! Way too big!  Woohooo!  I went shopping at American Eagle with their jeans under $30 sale and bought a pair.  It was a size 10... came home & it was too big!  I went back and got several pairs of size 8.  They are slightly tighter than I would like because of my post pregnancy belly/skin flab but I think the last time I could even fit my butt into a size 8 was easily 6-7 years ago.  GO ME.  Post partum weight loss is something I definitely cannot complain about.  I'm eating a completely natural diet, almost everything that I eat is organic, it's all homemade and it's all dairy free.  And, I'm nursing.  SCORE.

The last few weeks, I turned off the air conditioning... after a sweltering June and July this year, our air conditioner has not gotten a break... and the June - July electricity bill DEFINITELY showed it.  Our normal electric bill is about $90-$100 a month in the summer and about $40-60 in the fall, and maybe $70-80 in the winter.  This bill was $180!  O.O  is an understatement.  The July - August bill was $120 and I shut off the a/c haha.  We have just been living with fans and dealing with it.  Today is the first day in weeks that we have turned the a/c back on.  Yesterday was high 80's and it got pretty hot in here and today it's supposed to be 90 and Jack is mowing the lawn so I figured meh, today is okay to turn on the air.

We have been trying to finish up on projects around the house to get ready for fall.  Thank the LORD that someone told us about buying a semi-truck load of wood for our wood burning stove, so now we don't have to go out searching for wood or cutting down trees or hauling it back to our house.  Since we have Arie, that would be REALLY difficult since I can't help and will be watching him.  We ordered a truck load and it should be here in about a month.  That truck load should heat our house for 2-3 winters!  Which, even buying the wood we are saving SO much money from using propane.  We do need to order some more propane pretty soon here... We have to fill our small tank once every 12-14 months.  I think we last filled it about 12 months ago. Wooooohoooo.  We spent $375 on propane in the last year, where our neighbors have spent roughly $4,500.  A little hard work DEFINITELY pays off.

Jack is working on insulating the garage and he thinks he should have that done by the time the wood gets here since that will be a full time job in itself.  I'm hoping that I can wrangle my brothers to come over and help... Brothers are always good.  We are also going to be starting our vegetable garden this fall to prepare the ground for next year.

We have nonstop work to do around here, plus taking care of a baby... life is busy :)

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