Thursday, August 16, 2012


My girlfriend Megan had her miracle baby on Friday and it's bringing back all sorts of memories. From labor & delivery to that first precious week home with my miracle baby.

She even texted me about how her husband is off from work to be with her and how he's getting much more sleep than her, yet, somehow, seems way more exhausted than her. All I can do is laugh because for some unexplainable reason that's how Jack was & is! He rarely wakes up any of the times I do in the middle of the night and he is generally much more exhausted than I am, 5 months into this gig. :P

It's bringing back all the sweet memories of the newborn stage that goes by way too fast and of learning to breastfeed and cloth diaper.

It makes me realize that I need to be much more vigilant about writing things down so I don't have to wonder and try hard to remember exactly what it was like, because, just like labor and delivery pains, those memories disappear.

Like now, I'm up at 4:15am because Arie was fussing in his sleep and needed a diaper change. I carried him to the nursery, changed his diaper, and carried him back to rock him and he's stayed asleep. I was joking with my friend Sarah's mom the other day about how my eyesight is so much better in the dark and that I change all diapers at night without the light on.

Time is just going by so fast, which I know it does, but it's just such a shock when it happens. Arie is almost 6 months old and it feels like just yesterday my best friend's boy turned 6 months... And he's coming up on 10 months.

This time just goes by so incredibly fast.

I have a whole post that I've been writing about parenting and being judged for parenting choices, but I'll leave this post nice and mushy ;)

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