Sunday, September 9, 2012

11/30 Things... 10 Pet Peeves

11. Describe 10 pet peeves you have.

While this little blogging challenge is not really that difficult or too time consuming, I'm starting to notice a little bit of a negative trend.  :/  I'm apprehensively writing down this list... although I'm not sure of the point of listing pet peeves.

1.  People who walk the fence... Pick a position and stick with it.  Don't just teeter back and forth, trying to please everyone; actually stand up for what you believe in.
2.  Know what you believe in... I don't like it when people argue things that they don't even have a grasp of the concept.  It's obvious to me when someone has educated themselves and fully understand the stand they have chosen to take, and equally as obvious when they are just repeating what they have heard.
3.  Noises from the mouth... like chewing and licking and eating.  My dogs and cat are not allowed to lick themselves around me.  What's funny about this one is that I thought the sound of my baby nursing would drive me INSANE and I had no idea how I was going to deal with that, but it isn't even a blip on my radar!
4.  Bad drivers.  I feel like people don't understand how dangerous being a bad driver can be.
5.  People who push their beliefs on other people... I mean, does ANYONE like this?
6.  People who insist that others be tolerant of their beliefs but do not extend the same courtesy to others.
7.  Wearing shoes in my house.  I have dogs that go outside (obviously) and I am constantly battling dirt on the floors.... and I'm trying to keep my floors as clean as possible.  I am just not a fan of anyone wearing shoes in my house at all.
8.  Intrusive questions.  Somehow, society today has become increasingly nosy and rude and I've noticed a massive amount of people that I don't know, or even some that I do, feel like it's okay to ask very personal questions.  It takes so much grace to answer these questions politely and to express discomfort about these questions and I'm really don't do a great job with that... I wish people wouldn't do this, but I need to work on ways to be better about changing the subject or refusing to answer politely.  A rude question doesn't need a rude response, I need to remember that! (If you have any tips on this, I'd love to hear it!)

Meh. That's good enough.

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