Wednesday, September 5, 2012

6 Month Update

Of course, I'm going to say this every time I write about him... but where did the last 6 months go?

6 months ago, I had a sweet baby boy.

He is 14 lbs 13.5 oz and 26" long.  He wears size 6 month clothing.  He's quite the peanut.

Breastfeeding is going smashingly.  Still dairy & soy free though.  He is still exclusively breastfed.  He gets no solids or rice cereals or anything like that.  We plan to do baby led weaning and once he's able to sit up unassisted, we are going to start with the solids.  We are skipping right over purees.

Arie nurses every 1-2 hours 24 hours a day.  I know a lot of people try to cut back feedings, but my peanut is in the 3rd percentile... so he needs each and every time he eats.  He loves to comfort nurse and often falls asleep nursing.  I still love breastfeeding as much as I always have.

Today I went to Target with my mom and nursed him in the ring sling while I carried him around and browsed.

Cloth diapering is awesome.  I have a decent sized stash and I have definitely worked into a comfortable routine.  I have no issues and I love cloth diapering.  In July, we even went on a road trip and brought the diapers with us.  No complaints whatsoever.

He isn't sleeping through the night, but it doesn't really matter.  Like I said, he needs to eat all night long.  He still sleeps in our bed and we all get much more sleep.  We had moved his crib into our room and side car-ed (look it up!) it to our bed, but all it served as was a big obstacle that I had to climb around when I got in and out of bed.  So I think we only left it in there for a few weeks, and last night I had Jack move it back out.  It was so nice to not have to climb into bed from the foot of the bed!!

We upgraded him to his convertible car seat, he seems to find it much more comfortable.  I prefer him to wear shirts with collars or hoods when he's in the car seat because the straps cut into his neck :(

He loves to be worn on my hip and when he's really tired I can still throw him in the moby or k'tan and get my housework done.  I'm also loving my Mei Tai for shopping trips.  I feel so much safer wearing him in my mei tai because it feels like no one could kidnap him from me.  (Yeah, okay, I might be a paranoid mom... but for any other paranoid moms out there... seriously, this wrap is fantastic.)  He is wrapped up tight and there is no way anyone could get him out to grab him.  That makes this momma very happy.  Plus he loves to ride in it.  I thought he would be ready for back carries when he was 6 months old, but I think I'm going to wait until he gets a little bigger.  I didn't expect for him to stay such a peanut for so long.  I guess it's kind of amazing that my babe was 5 1/2 lbs coming home from the hospital and he's gained 9 lbs in 6 months.

He's so happy and so healthy too.

He is rolling all over the place now.  He just flops himself right over and rolls around the room.  The other day he just started tucking his knees under his belly while he was on his stomach and yesterday he started pushing up with his arms and getting into a pushup type position.  He's thinking about crawling and he doesn't even know it.

He's also getting so strong... his pinches and bites HURT!  He's growing hair too!! This little bald baby sure has hair now! :)

He's starting to show a lot more vocal signs of preferences.  Now a lot of times when I hand him to Jack to walk out of the room to shower or go cook dinner or something, he cries for me.

He has said Mommy and Mama but I don't think either was on purpose.  When he gets really mad he says MMmmmMaaaaaaa.

He's getting closer and closer to sitting up unassisted.

I think that's everything that I can think of to update about him!

Since he was born I have lost 69 lbs.  I gained 45 with my pregnancy, so I am almost 25 lbs below my pre-pregnancy weight.  I am down to a size 8 in jeans and I am so happy about it!  My hair is still falling out like crazy, to the point where Jack is commenting frequently about how he doesn't know how I am not bald!  I feel great, my only complaint is that I need to be better about drinking water and taking my vitamins.  I absolutely LOVE being a mom.

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