Thursday, September 20, 2012

Made it through!

I think Jack is really on the men's and Arie and I skated through unscathed. Woooohooo!

In other exciting news, Arie's first official two teeth just popped through. (I say official because he had back teeth cutting through on the bottom on both sides for months now.)

We should be getting our truck load of wood any time now and I'm so excited about that. It's getting chilly in the house and I'm ready to turn on the heat!!

I also LOVE fall weather for so many reasons but my main reason is the cozy clothes!! But this year, I've encountered a problem. It is not easy to nurse my baby in a hoodie!! Bummer!

I'm going to be experimenting with more DIY nursing clothes soon.

I also ordered an ergo baby carrier from baby steals and I'm so excited about that!

Arie had his 6 month appointment on Friday and he's doing great. He's back down on the charts to 8th percentile for weight but in the 40s for height.


  1. I'm jealous of the fall like weather!! We still have the AC on. COme on fall weather. Arie looks ADORABLE in overall.


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