Saturday, October 6, 2012

7 month update

My little miracle baby is 7 months old today!

He's 15lbs 11.5oz this evening & 27" long.

He's sitting up by himself for longer and longer periods of time and he just figured out how to cruise around in his car walker.

He has two bottom teeth that are the most precious thing I have ever seen.

He loves to be by me at all times and will call Mama when I leave the room.

He's still not sleeping through the night, but that's okay. I know he needs those extra calories especially because he only gained half a pound in the last month.

He's so smiley all day. He wakes up so happy to see me next to him.

He's learning how to tuck his knees under him and he's building up the strength to try to crawl.

He's nursing every 2 hours or less around the clock, but he dream feeds from about 10pm to about 8am.

Cloth diapering is fabulous and it seems to be way more fun now that we have hit the "break even" point and diapering every day is now free except the very minuscule cost of utilities.

Breastfeeding is fabulous.

Arie still has a severe dairy intolerance. It definitely has changed my life and the way I see food and I doubt I will ever go back to eating dairy even a quarter of what I used to.

We have begun introducing a few solids here and there in line with baby led weaning but he has shown signs of being allergic to almost everything we have tried or he has a lot of bowel problems. We spoke with his pediatrician and he will likely be exclusively breastfed until he's one and then we will begin introducing solid foods.

We really couldn't love this child more. I have him with me 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and it doesn't feel like enough. He knows Jack and gets excited when he comes home from work. He's not very fond of very many other people and tolerates them for a few minutes at a time, but is always very happy to be back with his mama.

There hasn't been a day that has gone by in the last 7 months that I haven't thanked God for this amazing gift. We love him and we are so grateful and so blessed.

Oh, and he still looks just like his Mama but every now and then glimpses of Dad peek through. I have a feeling he will have his dad's relaxed personality.

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