Monday, October 29, 2012

Bad weather

I know that my bad weather from hurricane sandy is laughable, especially with my sister living in New Jersey.

However, because of this windy weather, there has been a change in my plans. Arie has been sleeping absolutely terribly at night waking all night long, sometimes twice an hour, just fussing. Not really wanting to eat and go back to sleep like normal, it just seems like he's uncomfortable and only getting out of bed and rocking fixes it.

Of course, I have no rocking chair until tomorrow which all sorts of sucks, but I was going to move the pack'n'play into our room to see if Arie would sleep better in there. Arie has never slept well in there which is why he doesn't sleep in it, but sleeps in our bed. I just did what works. But for some reason, maybe it's a growth spurt, maybe he has more teeth coming through, I have no idea, but he just is not sleeping in our bed.

This long winded explanation was to say that I was planning on putting him in the pnp tonight, but because of the very bad storms and the almost certainty that we will lose power, I don't want to make this be his first night in a different bed. Of course he knows no different and can't tell the weather is bad, so this is all me and my comfort.

Maybe tomorrow night.

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  1. it might be teething. kylee was very fussy with her first few teeth


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