Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day in the Life with a 7 month old & pregnant

7 months old & pg w/#2
I want to do this every now and then, just so that I can look back and see what life was like.

I probably forgot to write down 3 or 4 nursing sessions and maybe one or two diaper changes just because I just do these things and don't think about it. Because he's nursing on demand, if I'm folding clothes and he's on my lap, I can quickly latch him on, he might nurse for a minute and he's comforted and good to go again. It's hard to really measure it, since he doesn't nurse just to eat. Sometimes it's if he's tired or over stimulated or if he tried to crawl and face planted.

I also apologize in advance for any formatting issues, spelling or grammar errors. Think of this like chicken scratch and me jotting it down quickly as its happening.

October 16, 2012
9pm: change baby, rock & nurse baby to sleep,

9:20: carry baby upstairs and crawl into bed, taking too much shuffling to get blankets in the right spot, gotta rock baby again

9:30: get in bed, situate phone plugged in with white noise machine on and white noise app playing. Zzzzz

11pm: nurse baby

October 17, 2012
12:20am: nurse baby. Jack comes to bed.

2:50am: nurse baby

3:27am: baby's still flopping around, go in nursery and grab diaper, change baby. Rock and nurse back to sleep

3:47a: baby's back to sleep, curled right up against me. My Stomach is rumbling... Time to try to go back to sleep. Rather have a sleeping baby than a midnight snack.

5:30am nurse baby

6:50am: nurse baby. Baby's awake. Jack changes diaper before leaving for work. Nurse baby some more.

7:15am: baby's not going back to sleep, time to go have breakfast and go play with toys in living room.

8am : diaper change & sit down to nurse

8:30 am : still playing with toys. Baby & mama are still tired.

8:45am. Back upstairs to dark bedroom and white noise. Rock in glider for 15 minutes and we are both back in bed.

11:15am: wake up from glorious nap, nurse baby, get up and diaper change & mama shower.

11:40am: get dressed, hair, make up, diaper change for baby, get him dressed, start making a dent on cleaning his room, put away diaper laundry, put away laundry.

12:30pm: go get the mail, walk around outside with the dogs and baby in ergo, enjoy the beautiful weather

12:40pm: get lunch, leftover chicken noodle soup, baby plays on floor with toys

1pm: nurse baby.

1:15pm: time to change baby's diaper, and keep working on cleaning his room.

2:10pm: room is clean, change baby, head outside for a walk with the dogs out back, baby in Ergo.

2:14pm : change of plans. Rock & nurse in rocking chair in bedroom with windows open and white noise playing. Baby's grouchy. Time for baby nap.

2:22pm: baby's asleep. Keep rocking.

4pm: baby's still asleep. Keep rocking. Maybe this is how I lost the baby weight? Just hours of rocking!

4:30pm: baby awake! Nurse baby, Jack gets home, diaper change!

4:45-6 vacuum and clean kitchen, do dishes, put away laundry while Jack plays with Arie.

6pm: Jack vacuums stairs for me and I nurse Arie and then put Arie in the Ergo on my back to scrub the hard floors.

6:40pm: done with the floors, Jack is outside cutting leaves with the lawn mower. I'm messing around on Facebook and YouTube while sitting on the floor playing with Arie and his toys.

7:10pm : fussy baby, takes a break from playing to eat and right back to it. Jack is still cutting up leaves.

7:30-7:45pm : give baby a bath & put on lotion, clean ears, put on pjs and grab blanket and burp cloth to get ready for bed.

7:50pm: making a midnight snack/ breakfast for tomorrow. Baked oatmeal.

8:45pm change baby one more time,
Nurse & rock.
9:30pm: baby has nursed to sleep. Jack and I will hang out until I get tired and head up to bed probably between 10-10:15pm.

10pm: dogs bark and wake Arie up. Start rocking and white noise process again.

10:45pm: dogs are in their beds for the night. Baby is finally sleeping. Rocking until 11 for good measure and them I'm crawling in bed!

11:10pm. In bed. White noise machine going, white noise app playing, rain storm outside and oscillating fan running. Time to say my prayers and close my eyes!

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