Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I figured it out

I forgot to put Arie's amber necklace back on him!!! Gah!! Such a simple fix. He slept from 9pm-8am only barely rousing to nurse and go right back to sleep. That's back to normal!

It's shocking what a difference that necklace makes!

I am sitting here rocking and trying to decide if I'm going to get up while Arie is sleeping to shower or if I should let him get a good nap and go after. I almost always choose good nap haha.

We are out of eggs and a few other random things. I need to bake bread and some muffins. I'm thinking pumpkin.

It's already the 23rd of October and this Unprocessed October challenge has been absolutely no big deal at all. Obviously I can't eat out, but we are throwing away almost nothing since all the food gets used in the meal plans!

I'm also starting to feel a little bit queasy. I don't have any bread or muffin or anything to eat right now and I normally start my day with a carbohydrate and fruit. I just had some juice, so I'm thinking that might be the cause... But the other side of my brain is thinking oh man, is this when my morning sickness is going to start?!


  1. Ooh, I've been thinking about getting one of those necklaces. Does Arie wear it all the time?

  2. Yup!! 24/7 except during bath & lotion time!!


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