Monday, October 22, 2012

Worst night's sleep

Last night was an up every 20 minutes kind of night. I have no idea what was wrong with him.

It has been the most uncomfortable night sleeping for me too lately. Since we turned the heat on, our bedroom has a swing from 68°-72°. At 68°, I'm freezing using both a flat flannel sheet and a quilt. At 72°, I wake up because I'm sweating and I'm super hot. Then it goes back down to 68° and I'm freezing because I was sweaty. It's a miserable thing. Arie sweats too so that only means he's probably going through the same thing. :(

No wonder neither of us sleep well.

And, I am ready to throw my glider out the window. It's so old that wood is rubbing against wood. It grinds and pops and bangs with every rock. There is no simple gliding.

I absolutely need another glider.

Like today.

Too bad they are about $500 and there's a whole list of things that need to be purchased first.

I am grouchy. I'm sick of it always being to cold or too hot in our bedroom. The last two winters, it was nothing like this.

Good thing we paid someone to "fix" our vents so we would have more consistent heat. >:(

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  1. We bought a recliner instead of a glider. Way cheaper and can be used even more!


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