Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Facebook Break

I take Facebook breaks every now and then.

I have a really hard time with Facebook during very controversial situations. The manner by which a lot of people tend to conduct themselves makes me feel differently about them as people. I always think that if this person said that out loud, in person, we would not be friends.

I have a lot of people that I like and value and consider to be my friends, but at times like this, I end up reconsidering what kind of person would say such a thing.

This is not directed at anyone, and more specifically, it's not directed at just those people whose beliefs conflict with mine.

There are people who have similar beliefs and write things that disgust me.

Four years ago, I shared some political beliefs in my own status and ended up really offending a family member and that situation has stuck with me.

I see posts with little to no fact behind them, and mostly I see posts with NO CLASS.

In order to not expose myself to Facebook election drama, I am happy to step away. I'm not interested in seeing the behaviors that will follow this election, regardless of the outcome. The nasty gloating and mud slinging will continue on and on.

When things are posted about how Christians are close minded, horrible people, and that somehow their beliefs automatically mean they are judging... I can't help but take that personally and completely think differently of the person posting it.

Having a moral compass different than someone else does not in any way mean that you are automatically a judgmental person or that you are close minded or evil.

I'm not close minded because I don't believe in certain things. I understand why others believe the way they do, what they believe to be fact I do not believe to be fact, and what they believe to be false, I believe differently. That does not make me close minded.

Anyway, I gave about a 3 minute warning on deleting my fb. I'm not really worried about it. I'll probably be back. It's a nice place to keep and organize my pictures of Arie.

I just find myself distancing more and more from it though because while I like other people, I'm not really interested in taking in a constant stream of beliefs from other people. I have my own well founded and deeply rooted beliefs that will not be changed by a post or two.

At a certain point when most of my fb friends are hidden from my newsfeed, I have to wonder what the point of Facebook is.

I guess that's my thoughts. I don't want to be that involved in 100s of people's politics right now.

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