Sunday, December 2, 2012

11 Weeks Pregnant w/#2

This week, Baby is the size of a: lime
How far along? 11 weeks
Due date: 6.23.12
Maternity clothes? Yes, it looks like I need to order some more clothes in a smaller size too. Size M is a bit baggy.
Sleep: I don't think I will be sleeping much ever again
Best moment this week: found hb on Doppler & got a bunch of clothes
Food cravings: nothing
Movement: Nothing
Symptoms: all day nausea, occasional throwing up.
Labor Signs: no, thank the Lord
Stretch Marks: yep, leftover stripes from Arie man
Swelling? Nope
Belly Button in or out? in
What I miss: not a thing
Feeling toward Pregnancy: I can't really put it into words. I don't want to talk about it and I'm kinda in denial.
What I am looking forward to: end of first trimester!
Milestones: still tandem nursing, almost in second trimester
News: I've lost 8lbs since I got pregnant.

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