Tuesday, December 4, 2012

9 months old

Arie will be 9 months old tomorrow... Which means in 3 months, he will be a year... And in 3 more months, #2 will be here.

Arie is a crawling machine and he's starting to pull up on things. While I find this stage super fun (and exhausting!) I am not liking that sitting up and standing up also comes with falling down and lots of bumps and boo-boos.

He says Mama and Dada but not much else. We don't call him by name often enough for him to know his name yet, so we should probably make an effort to start doing that.

We are still doing baby led weaning and 99% of his nutrition is from being exclusively breastfed.

He comfort nurses more now than ever, I think because he will crawl away and explore and then want to feel close to me again.

Being exhausted and feeling poorly makes it so the house is no where close to my standard of cleaning, which means Arie is becoming very familiar with dog hair. Barf!

He is happy and content just about all the time.

He usually goes to sleep for the night between 7-8pm and wakes up around 8am. He nurses 6-10+ times throughout the night, I am constantly rolling over to switch sides for him to nurse.

Most nights, at least once, we have to get up out of bed to rock him back to sleep. Since I've been feeling sick, that's mainly Jack's job.

We are still cloth diapering, and as we are gearing up to have two in diapers, I am thinking I really want to switch to natural fibers as inserts instead of the microfiber. After about 7 months of use (when we switched to the one size diapers) the microfiber inserts have definitely seen better days.

He bites while he's nursing if he's done or if he's just messing around. I cry and usually that makes him cry. That's a fun stage.

He loves the animals and treats each one differently. He pets the cat nicely and usually pets Bessie nicely, but grabs onto Dixie. Depending on the day, he has his favorite animals. It rotates between them.

He loves bath time and has graduated to sitting in the bath tub by himself, he's too strong and wiggly for the baby bath tub. He loves bath toys.

He has such a sweet personality. If I'm holding him, he will charm anyone in sight. He bats his eyes and smiles in the sweetest way. Everywhere we go, people stop to talk to him and gawk. He loves the attention and I'm a proud mama.

Arie still mostly hates his car seat. I think he doesn't like to be confined or alone. He's better when I'm driving than when I'm sitting in the back seat with him, I think because if he sees me, he doesn't understand why he can't be in my arms or on my lap.

He has his favorite books, (Seven Silly Monkeys) and I think it's the voices that I use when I read them.

Arie no longer sits still in his bouncy (but not bouncy) type chair while I shower. He sits himself up and tries to tip himself out. I'm going to have to figure out a new way to shower without involving him crying the whole time.

He also seems to be very sensitive to when I don't feel well. If I'm throwing up in a bowl, he wants to be right next to me. If Jack is home and is holding him while I am sick, he has a very concerned look on his face until I take him back.

He still loves to be worn anywhere and everywhere. Much prefers that to being carried which is great. He still likes to be on my front in my ergo, mei tai,or ring sling. I haven't used my Moby or ktan in months. He doesn't mind being worn on my back, but I find that front carry wards off random people from touching him better than back carry.

He's just an awesome kid.

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