Friday, December 14, 2012

Anonymity is freeing

I feel like I can finally start posting about some of the super controversial things that I have opinions on and our experiences with without worrying about mass hysteria and backlash.

My blog got hundreds of hits a day from and if any site could cause some serious backlash, it's that one. A bunch of crazy women with mob mentality on a message board... I would probably get stalked if I ever even hinted at my beliefs over there.

I abandoned my old URL and I will not be sharing the link to my blog under my new user name over there. I plan to change all of my settings around as well.

Anything from our choices to homeschool to politics to vaccines, circumcision, Santa and more! I have so many things that I've wanted to write down but never wanted to deal with the Internet backlash. I really don't care what the people who troll the Internet think about our decisions and beliefs, and this blog is now 100% for Jack and I to reflect on.

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