Thursday, December 20, 2012

Can't sleep

I don't know why this keeps happening, but I find myself awake in the middle of the night for no reason. My babes are both peacefully sleeping next to me.

My mind wanders in every direction imaginable. I randomly thought of Matt Logelin and wondered if he ever remarried. His baby turned 4 in March.

I had a dream tonight that Ashley and I both had boys again. Her baby was 8 lbs something and mine was 7lbs 3oz. I was so excited about our new babies!

I think about how sore my nipples are from breastfeeding during pregnancy and I worry about what it will be like with a newborn again.

Then I worry about fighting off interventions during labor. And I wish we could afford a home birth. Then I wonder how we will afford a doula.

I have no idea how to shut my brain off so I can go to sleep.

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