Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friends with kids

When Arie was brand new, I got lonely and bored and wanted to hang out with other moms. I started a Facebook group where we started planning get togethers and rotating between our houses.

After the summer, things got busier. Two of the newer moms went back to work and it got harder to plan days that worked for more than two people.

Today we had a mom date and there's really nothing better these days. Coffee and treats with our little ones playing with each other and toys and just laughing and having a good time.

It feels so good to have people you can talk to about your boobs, stretch marks, husband, baby things for hours on end and they just GET IT. Until you've been through it you just can't quite appreciate or understand the craziness that is being married with children.

I'm a big fan of finding a group of people that you can see to get out of the house and just enjoy their company. I love my husband and don't really feel like I need my space from him, but having girlfriends is something different and special. It takes a lot more effort to stay in touch and make a friendship last after marriage and kids, but it's worth it!

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