Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I know 2am very well

Jack is getting very familiar with the middle of the night too.

Tonight I switched sides nursing probably 4 or 5 times and on Jack'a third attempt to rock Arie, he finally fell back to sleep... Until Jack dozed in the chair and stopped rocking. A crying diaper change later and now I'm rocking and patting.

It's such an amazing thing that Arie knows the difference between Jack and I. Most nights, he's satisfied with Jack getting up and rocking him and he will go back to sleep. But then, there are just nights where no one but mama will ever do.

While I'm exhausted and my stomach is aching from RLP from flip flopping for so long, these are the moments I longed for while my heart Ached to become a mother. He's sleeping on my shoulder hanging on to my neck. Absolutely nothing in the world compares to this. The older he gets, and more he understands, the more incredible it is that he's choosing me. I'm his mama and he doesn't want anything else.

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