Friday, January 11, 2013

It figures. Morning sickness

Last night wasn't horrible as far as Arie sleep goes. We made it through with the only time we had to get out of bed was for Arie's diaper change at 6am, every time he woke up he was easily nursed or nursed and then patted back to sleep. Of course, none of this was in the crib... :P

I wouldn't be in any hurry to get him in the crib if we never had to get out of bed at night.

Anyway, 6:30am, Jack leaves for work, Arie is sleeping in the middle of the bed, I can either close my eyes or sit here and catch up on reading or play some games... What does my body do? Picks today to be super nauseous.

I know my body well enough to know this feeling well. There's regular nausea, which is just feeling gross. There's the I feel like I may puke nausea, where I could go either way but if I drink some hot tea or blow my nose, I might be able to ward it off... And then there's the I'm going to puke. No ifs ands or buts, and that is what I have this morning.

I don't have a bowl so I'm going to have to run to the bathroom and forget Arie staying asleep, I have to grab him in case he wakes up and crawls off the bed. Weeeeeee.

I'm going to forget these days, and some day, when my daughter or daughter in law is telling me how sick she feels and what her morning sickness is like, I bet this comes flooding back.

This won't last forever and all I can do is laugh it off, how hilarious is it that Arie sees my head buried in my bowl and he wants to come look too because there must be something cool for how hard I'm looking. I will make it through these days... They felt long with Arie and now he's here and coming up on a year old!!

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