Wednesday, January 9, 2013


My first appointment with the midwife was yesterday and it was great!

When I explained my issues with Arie's birth she said that everything I wanted and didn't get out of the hospital is what they normally do at the birth center.

I had several questions on their policies:

Can I catch my own baby? Can Jack catch?

Can I deliver in the water?
-it's technically not allowed, but it happens a lot and they don't pull mothers out who are birthing in the water.

Can I have a modified lotus birth instead of delayed cord clamping? (Delivering the placenta and only then cutting the umbilical cord.)
-that's what generally ends up happening anyway, after birth baby goes right to mom's chest and more often than not, mom will still be cuddling when it's time to birth the placenta. If that's what I want, we can definitely make that happen.

Once baby and I are both determined to be stable, can we be discharged? Also, can we be discharged 24 hours a day?
-yes and yes!

She also chatted with me about natural ways to bring on a regular pattern of contractions as I say there and nursed Arie. She said they use a breast pump for nipple stimulation and I said, good thing I have a nursing toddler! She got all excited and said of course! That would be way better!

Arie will be allowed to stay with us at the birth center with my mom being there to be there for him. I already knew that from reading their website, but it was great to have it confirmed and encouraged.

They happily welcome doulas, and I have contacted one of the midwives that we met with that I really liked to see if she was available still to be a doula at my birth.

The only thing I didn't like was having to go to an orientation. It's 7-8:30 pm in the middle of the week an hour away. Arie's normal bed time is 7-8pm. I will be discussing that with the midwife at my next appointment.

I have still not gained any weight which is no big deal at all, and they changed my due date. According to my last period, my due date is June 16, and from the size of the baby at my ER ultrasound, the due date is June 23rd. The midwife picked June 20th. Whatever, the date is pretty insignificant to me since the chances this baby will be born on those days is slim and since Arie came early, it's very likely that this babe will also.

I asked about their "standard procedures" and she said they basically take a hands off approach which sounds phenomenal. She also said that they rarely stitch tears unless they really warrant stitches. I loved that! She said they watch the tear and see if it starts to heal right away which they very often do.

She talked about how they like to have the midwife and nurse with you through as much of it as possible, helping to encourage you and show you positions for pain relief and also positions that encourage the progression of labor.

I feel so much more at peace about this birth experience and I feel like I can finally relax and stop worrying about fighting for my right to give birth without being forced to take drugs or do things for the convenience of the doctors.

She even said casually that some parents even prefer not to have their child bathed and that's just fine. It's funny because the nurses at the hospital made such a stink about bathing Arie. I said I would do it and they said no and then didn't come back. Finally someone came back and I didn't feel like fighting, but it was so bizarre and unnatural to me that they wouldn't allow me to bathe my own child. Who will be bathing him for his whole childhood, yet his first bath, I somehow can't do? Mkay, makes no sense whatsoever.

I think this birth center is absolutely the best we can do if home birth is not possible. They have queen sized beds and it will be a fantastic experience.

I can't believe how quickly it's coming!!

Of course it's 8am on the dot and Arie's internal alarm clock just went off, so it's time to get up for the day.

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  1. I'm so excited for you and this different birth experience!


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