Thursday, January 10, 2013

Transitioning to Crib

Arie has slept in my arms for 99% of his sleep since birth. All night and every nap.

We have expressed interest in transitioning him to his crib in our room for a while, but he's so used to being rocked so much that its been a difficult transition.

His sleep has become so interrupted and short at night that there is just nothing to lose by giving it a go. It might be a slow transition, but it's something that Jack and I are ready for, and hopefully sleeping in his own space will help Arie sleep for longer stretches.

Since we are not willing to do cry-it-out, we are just going to wing it and really have to focus on having patience. Arie wakes up almost immediately when you set him down or even stir a little bit, so I anticipate many times he will wake up as soon as we have set him down and the process starts all over.

The first time I tried to set him down for his nap at noon, he fell asleep nursing and I unlatched him and rocked for a few more minutes and then set him in the crib. He instantly started crying.

Three hours later, still no nap, he fell asleep after nursing and he repositioned himself to sleeping on my shoulder and I laid him down in his crib. He started crying but didn't open his eyes and I patted his butt like I do when I'm laying next to him and he fell back to sleep. I kept patting for a few minutes and now I'm laying down myself. I should probably shower, but I'm too tired lol

We can do this!! Only 5 months until baby two comes, it would be nice to not have to deal with 25 wake ups between #1 and #2. We might end up doing that in the end, but we will be at least working on getting Arie happy and comfortable to sleep in his own space.

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