Saturday, February 9, 2013

21 Weeks Pregnant w/#2

This week, Baby is: 10.5" and 12.7oz! 
How far along? 20 Weeks and 6 days... Due date: Was given the official 6.23 due date on Wednesday :) Maternity clothes? yes. except for the occasional PJsSleep: Sleep is getting a lot better!Weight gain: I have no idea... my scale batteries died and then I replaced them and it won't turn on any more... I guess I have had it for almost 10 years, but that's still depressing. Best moment this week: Anatomy Scan... Saw a beautiful healthy baby.

Food cravings: nothing... For my birthday I wanted some Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory chocolate but it was more of a I want that and I am pregnant so I'm going to pig out, but I have no cravings.  
Movement: yup, all sorts.  I'm trying to time it so that Jack gets to feel too! Symptoms: It's been a good week! Barely any nausea at all, except after eating.  I have had 1 or 2 days this week where I felt like I was going to throw up in the morning, but was able to avoid it. Labor Signs: no, I have had 2 dreams now about my water breaking.  Last night I had a dream that my water broke and that I went back to bed.  Holy second time mom compared to first lolStretch Marks: yep, leftover stripes from Arie manSwelling? NoneBelly Button in or out? inWhat I miss: not muchFeeling toward Pregnancy: Still in total shock.  I think the scale is finally going up and even after 5 months of being pregnant, I guess I wasn't ready to see that after how much weight I lost after Arie.  It's a really strange mindset to try to convince my brain that I'm pregnant again and this is normal and good. What I am looking forward to: Arie's birthday party in 2 weeks!! Milestones: still tandem nursing, feeling baby moveNews: Midwife appointment went fabulously.  I think according to their scale I'm up 5lbs.  Of course that was in the middle of the day after drinking about 60 oz of water and eating breakfast and lunch... Everything is great and I'm really happy that my milk supply seems to be happily keeping up with Arie's demands.  He is finally starting to eat a lot more solid food and nursing a bit less.  It's weird that he has always nursed so much and now is slowing down.  It's still probably over 10 times a day which is more than the average 11 month old I think, but I'm sad that my baby is starting to wean!! :( He may continue for another year or more, who knows, but it's a really strange thing.  I also scheduled my next two midwife appointments which also feels crazy.  I think those are my last 2 that are 4 weeks apart, I  may have one more 4 weeks after that... so I have 24 weeks and 28 weeks scheduled.  I don't know if it goes to every 2 weeks at 30 weeks or if it's 32 weeks.  We shall see.  But if this baby is born at 38 weeks, that means I have 6 more appointments if there are no issues! 

Belly picture from today:
I feel like I'm starting to gain a little bit of weight in my love handles too.  Boooooooo.  I'm excited for June so I can start dropping weight again haha.  

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