Friday, February 15, 2013

Arie is sleeping well

Arie is finally sleeping well, not needing constant work to keep him asleep the last few nights and somehow I have slipped in to the insomnia part of pregnancy. I've been up for two hours now and I can't shut my brain off. I'm kind of uncomfortable and there's nothing I can really do. I keep thinking about how I feel like I need another adjustment but that I never have gone twice in one week unless I had gotten hurt.

I am thinking about shopping for goodie bags for the kids that are coming to Arie's birthday party and that is really exciting.

I'm thinking about how crazy it is to have an almost 1 year old and to feel #2 kicking like crazy.

I'm thinking its really strange but pretty cool to refer to #2 as #2 and not know the sex of the baby. I also think its interesting that I thought I would be fine not to know last time and we found out for Jack, and it really is no big deal to not know. I will know soon enough and for the rest of my life, so what's a little longer to wait? And this coming from someone who hates surprises.

I'm thinking that I'm so excited about who is coming to Arie's birthday party. Some of Jack's friends I haven't seen in over a year and another family we haven't seen since Arie was less than a week old. I'm so excited to see everybody now and I'm so glad we are having a party.

I also now get why they say the first birthday party is more for the parents. We have hardly seen our friends at all in the past year, even our closest friends who had kids within a few months. Life just got so busy and it's limited with a baby and a bed time routine! I'm excited to see everyone and celebrate for me and Jack and surviving the first year.

I seriously can't believe how well he's been sleeping the last few nights. Maybe I'm used to very interrupted sleep so this couple hours of insomnia is caused by that.

It's not like I'm not exhausted by the end of the day, so I don't know why I'm not sleeping.

I'm thinking about how precious it is to be laying next to my sweet boy. He's such an angel and having him cuddled up next to me to sleep is just so sweet.

It also occurs to me that we will need a toddler rail for Jacks side of the bed too. I am positive we will end up with two in the bed and when Jack gets out of bed, a guard needs to go up on his side too. I don't even remember how much I paid for that rail. I like how it works no problem no matter what size bed!

It's funny to feel #2 kicking Arie as he's snuggled right up to my side.

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