Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birthday anatomy scan

My birthday was yesterday and it was amazing to be able to see that little babe in there. My due date was officially changed to June 23rd, so I'm 20 weeks and 4 days today.

Everything looked perfect with the baby and we were not told the sex of the baby. It was seriously the strangest thing to leave that ultrasound and not know definitively the sex of the baby.

It feels to me like the excitement that builds up for the 20 week ultrasound will be multiplied until 40 (or 37) weeks! I definitely prefer it this way and its really exciting.

Jack bought me a bunch of chocolate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory for my birthday and I have officially eaten my fill. I could go quite a while without eating chocolate again.

The midwife appointment was no big deal and everything checked out great. I wish my scale didnt run out of batteries because I can't weigh myself any more. I think I have gained about 5lbs from prepregnancy but I have no way to tell. The dr's scale has me up 5, but it was the middle of the day after breakfast and lunch, with a full bladder.

I have my next to midwife appointments scheduled as well.

It's hard to believe I have less than 20 weeks left.

Arie's birthday party is in two weeks, so I need to start thinking about food. I have a week until the rsvps are due. I only put my email on there so hopefully people will be more likely to actually RSVP.

It's 8:00pm and Arie is out. I'm rocking for a few minutes longer so he falls into a deep enough sleep before I move him into bed.

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