Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthday eve rambles

Yesterday, I took Arie to see Dr. Gage. I needed it badly and so did he, apparently. I asked the chiropractor if that could be why he's been sleeping so poorly and he said for sure, and he was right. Last night was one of his best nights of sleep in a long time. He slept soundly and only woke to nurse and never tossed and turned.

He's asleep already and it's only 7:45pm, but that's good because we have an early day tomorrow. We are meeting my Gramma for breakfast and then I have my anatomy scan and a midwife appointment immediately following.

I'm excited and nervous about not finding out the sex of this baby. I did hang out with Ashley today and she didn't find out last time or this time and she thinks its totally normal not to find out, so that was reassuring and encouraging. Plus, I really love how people think its crazy not to want to know!

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