Saturday, February 23, 2013

Birthday Party Success

I only got teary eyed once during the whole party! While everyone was singing happy birthday, it was a little over whelming but the day turned out great. We only had a little extra food, and lots of extra veggies so I think I will be making chicken soup.

Both Jack and I are definitely coming down with something now. This is the second time I've been sick this pregnancy! I took 7000iu of vitamin D3 today hoping that helps and gargled cayenne pepper in water and Jack just filled the humidifier with water and apple cider vinegar.

I'm praying that Arie doesn't get sick. My whole spine hurts, but I have no fever yet.

Anyway, back to the party!

There were 41 people here including little kids and babies!

Arie was pretty overwhelmed but overall I think it was pretty great. He definitely preferred for me to hold him and occasionally Jack. He got so many great gifts too!

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