Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Middle of the night

I think I have done most of my blogging in the middle of the night since Arie was born. Thank God for smart phones otherwise my journey through motherhood would have been undocumented.

I got my first "that's crazy" today regarding my home birth plans from Jack's cousin Mikey. I went to type out a response about how it's not that crazy since up until about 100 years ago, birth was always at home... But I just deleted my status instead.

There's no point to try to convince someone who will never give birth themselves and what does it matter? I guess it means that we might need to expect a call from Jack's Grandma when she hears about it.

Jack's mom is totally supportive and as far as I can tell, pretty excited for me. I have no idea how the rest of Jack's family feels, but since its irrelevant, I don't really care and neither does Jack.

I read How Big is a Placenta Bowl tonight and it was a quick read... Kind of a waste of $5.99. There was nothing in it that I didn't know or hasn't already read online or seen in home birth YouTube videos.

I'm curious to see if Eileen has any recommended reading for me!

I have decided that officially on March 1st that I am going Dairy and Soy free again. The last month I have REALLY eaten like crap and I'm so sick of it. My weight has creeped up and I'm not interested in creating a problem for myself when trying to lose it all in a few months here. (Now, "it all" at this point is 12 pounds, but, still.)

I need to start baking more. I think every day that I start out rummaging for breakfast, I set myself up to do poorly that day.

I think it can take 2 weeks to 2 months for the dairy and soy to completely get out of your system, so technically March 1st will be earlier than necessary, since baby's estimated due date isn't until June 23rd, but I think starting March 1st will be good to get my healthy diet back under control as well as make it easy to remember how long I've been dairy & soy free.

I also need a serious sugar detox. Between Jack's birthday, my birthday, valentines day and Arie's birthday party, I am dangerously overloaded on sweets and I just crave them 24/7. I know I need a big break from sweets for a while. Luckily, with the MSPI diet, I didn't have to give up sweets, but I also never craved them after a while. My favorite dessert was pretzels and dairy/soy free chocolate chunks by enjoy life. I have been craving that recently too, but I am going to wait to have that for a couple weeks to let my body try to work through all the sugar I've consumed recently.

I think Arie has been sufficiently rocked to sleep and I think that was everything on my mind. I think that means I can crawl back in to bed now.

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